Does Nofap can end phobias?

I have a herptophobia which means fear of reptiles especially geckos & frogs. I noticed that when I was longer streaks 20 or above days I was more likely to face them & remove from house but when I was lower streaks I get more insecure & try to avoid them even I don’t dare to face them. Is the same exactly thing happening with your phobias??


I have a fear of wasps and bees or anyother flying insect but when I am on no fap I see a drastic decrease in the fear and I dont run away anymore


Nofap doesn’t directly affect the coping mechanism for phobia. But if you fap and watch porn, your dopamine level that gives you balls of steel may decrease.
Why? During watching porn and fapping, your dopamine will boost at its peak just like cocaine (but not harmful as drugs), then… You feel tired, stressed out or unable to cope with your problems like phobia.

I have no phobia, but I do always blame my everyday bad events to fapping which have no direct relation and kind of irritating before.


Wtf!! I have it too! I can’t stand frogs I never thought it was a phobia wow soo I am not the only one

Maybe its not a phobia if you do not run for ur life when u see a frog

There are many People exist, Those who do not masterbute and don’t watch porn, But you will find many of them to be coward, Happy, Funny, weird, Phobic, Confident, Arrogant and brave etc.

If any of that type started to PMO certainly they will lose confidence, Self-esteem, Happiness and and will get depression and Anxiety etc, also this depends on the person, Now after you are successful in nofap you quited it then you will get your things mentally and physically back, Those you loss becuase of masterbation and porn, And depression, Anxiety will vanish.

But you will stay the same as you were before, But only if you change.

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