Does NoFap affect study?

Guys I just wanted to ask that should I do nofap as a student? I mean I want to ace my entrance exams in 1 year and I have to study with full focus for it… But I think if I do nofap… I will be distracted a lot because of the urges, the mental stress and all… Do u think I should do this?


Hello bro. I am a medical student and i have always been afraid of stopping pmo because i thought that i will get distracted with urges instead of studying.
However, after taking last year a decision that i will no longer do pmo and that i am ready to sacrifice my grades for this year just to get rid of this addiction, i have found out that the reality is way different from what i have imagined. It is true i have struggled a lot, but i can assure you that my grades are getting higher, i am able to study for 8 hours per day and the most important thing is that i am becoming more consistent and my studying schedule is not being interrupted by pmo cycles. I have found that i did not sacrifice anything, but instead i have gained a lot.
I will be honest with you, if you have an exam next week leave nopmo until you finish this exam, because you will face a lot of urges and problems in the first stage, and after that you will get better with every nopmo day. However, if your exam is in one year i urge you to start nofap now. If you don’t take action now, i can assure you that you will lose a lot of days in pmo and its withdrawal symptoms and then you will get back to nofap. Nofap is inevitable if you want to be a successful man.
I highly recommend you to read the easypeasy book. It will clarify everything and will help you to get rid of this addiction.


Bro, you’ll be fine when you do nofap. But you do have to follow some ground rules such as no peeking and not staying alone for a long time. Tbh when you keep yourself busy you be having the feeling to beat your meat. Btw what are you preparing for?


Wow bro nice piece of advice right there! Thanks for inspiring me for not giving up nofap. I will do this now without any doubts. :raised_hands::raised_hands:


Thanks bro. I will make sure I keep myself busy and follow all those rules. I am preparing for NEET (A pre-medical entrance exam) 2022


I’m familiar with NEET all the best.