Does #nofap affect our spiritual mind ? (dreams)

For example do you get higher chance of wet dreams ? Or a higher chance of lucid-dreaming ? (Or is there a higher chance of shifting or shifting easier (if you into that theme)) ?

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My experience with dreams is that nofap makes makes them way worse for a while. I do and see lots of sexual things in my dreams, as if my brain is fighting to get porn even when I am trying to avoid it.
I am also much more likely to have nightmares, and more vivid dreams.
The good news is that this phase slowly goes away for me as I continue nofap.
As for lucid dreaming, I’ve never been very successful with it, and I haven’t ever wanted to try shifting, so I don’t know if that is affected.

The way I see it, the subconscious mind gets addicted to PMO just like the conscious mind. The conscious mind is negatively affected by PMO, so it makes sense that the subconscious is too. And since the subconscious is responsible for dreams, addiction will influence your sleep/dreams negatively.

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