Does no fap increases stamina?

My current Streak : 20 days.
I have been trying hard not to fap and I am feeling good about it. I want to know if no fap increases or does not affect stamina. I did 20 push-ups today and I was tired as hell. Also, is it true that not masturbating helps in creating more awareness of surroundings? How exactly does NoFap affect brain and body?


Flapping affects your body in mind when you do it too frequently, ex:daily, or even every other day.
It affects your mind/brain because it becomes addicting, when you ejaculate the brain releases chemicals that make you feel good and relaxed same when you get high, so as you know once your brain is used to this chemical having a reaction daily or too frequent it’ll crave it, the brain is very powerful, so it’s the main thing you should try and change when you want to stay clean of any addiction, and you can only do that by staying clean for long periods of time, so that your brain re wires.

How does it affect your body you ask?!
Oh boy! Where do i even start.
When you ejaculate you release all those chemicals, which most are essential energy the body needs,( notice: it affects those with a daily flapping, I think if someone out there masturbates healthy, say 2 a week they results should be different) your testosterone levels are also very low, if you masturbate daily or even worse your body literally cannot keep up, and it cant reproduce enough energy so it takes from muscles/other parts therefore, any conditioning you may have will decrease significantly.

All this is gather from personal experience and you may experience different. Topics you should consider doing your own research include, testosterone levels and how it affects your body, low levels of body energy/life source(semen), how does chronic masturbating affects the brain.

From personal experience, flapping brought my athletic lifestyle to the ground so bad that I quit, I used to play soccer daily, run and do work out to the point I was shredded and my friends would ask me to do certain poses so they can how shredded my back was, something we all looked for in high school anyhow I started with this addiction and all my progress went to hell it didn’t help that I didn’t continue working out mostly because me being lazy, but like I said if you masturbate daily the effects are bad, leaving you with no energy to do many things.
Anyhow, stay strong do work out and it’ll increase your stamina but you must stay commited and do work outs daily. I recommend doing push ups, it’ll build your chest and back you can get pretty buff from that but you must do many daily. Also do sit ups it’ll build your abs, everyone likes abs. And for cardio do jumping rope if you don’t want to go out running, all This is free an you don’t need anything expensive also buy a whey supplement if you like.


Yes , nofap increases stamina.
Yes, definately it increases our awareness.

Brain and Mind becomes like a Super Computer.

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Thanks are right. I am feeling good on many levels because of NoFap. These 21days helped me recover my life force and nature looks more beautiful now. Brain is getting reshaped I guess.