Does masturbation effects Eye

Please answer, because I got -1.25 spectacles

And u am watching porn since 11 years age

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Don’t focus on what you don’t want/you lost. Focus in what you want from life.


No masturbation donot…

Porn on mobile or laptop screen without giving rest for atleast once in 30 mins does effects your eye

It doesn’t… M & O in controlled manner 2 days per month is normal. They are not bad in itself.
Pornography is bad it breaks your brain.
M&O if you use rigorous pressure n speed it’s again bad.
Though M&O prevents us from becoming sex criminals it’s bad for achieving our goals leading a happy life.
Pornography is strict no.

People in this forum try to avoid M&O because somehow we got addicted and it’s ruining our normal life. Addiction is again bad

Yeah my eyesight is very bad i wear spectacles(+1.75)

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After masturbating for 1 year when i was 14 years old, my eyes become weak. I started seeing circles on books and lecture boards. I went to eye doctor and he gave me spectacles 0.75 something.
So, Yes fapping weakened my eyes.

Though it dont apply on everyone because in some humans it weakens there back and they have back problems… in some humans it weakens there other body parts like legs, neck, heart, lungs, kidneys or some other parts like hairs falling, skin diseases, hormones etc.


We both are same bro,my eyes is also weak because of fapping.

My is -1.25

I am very sad

Im sure pmo is the cause there is no doubt

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Not sure bro. I believe it doesn’t. I wear specs ( -2 ) but not because of porn.

It sure affects your psychology.

yeah, it weakens your eyes. I was a heavy PMO addicted. I was watching porn and doing PMO since 12 years old. those days my eyesight was good. but now I can’t see in the range of 5 feet without my glasses and whenever I relapse my vision becomes more blur for a few hours

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Its the same for me as well brother

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may Allah save this ummah from this disaster

Ameen to that brother

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Although people would claim that it doesn’t. But it does worsen the eyesight. Don’t fao anymore.