Does masturbation confirmly makes u impotent?

I have a query that if someone masturbates regularly like after every 2,3 days. or twice a week… and it has been his habit for many years…

will this make him impotent ?

i mean if he exercise on daily basis… and eats good diet… no fast food etc… will this matter or not…

No, it won’t make you impotent

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Impotent is an interesting word to use. It has several meanings (according to Websters dictionary)

1a lacking power or strength
1b erectile disfunction or ED

2 no self control

I am curious, which of these were you mainly referring to when you posted your question?

I don’t think it would make you weak…
It might cause ED. This problem is more common as a result of pornography.
If it becomes an addiction, you definitely have lost a serious amount of self control.

So, maybe, it depends…


No every second your body makes semen…it won’t make you impotent…but but but
playing game with death is ok?

It matters bro…but results take times…
Your addiction = 2× month to recover .do nofap properly…don’t allow negative thoughts…stay strong…


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