Does looking at non pornographic images with hot clothed lady count as relapse?


I haven’t watch porn or masturbated for 37 days so far, but I would end up seeing the occasional video/image of an hot lady with clothes on. Does it count as a relapse? Should I reset my counter?


If you did it accidentally then its fine, but if you see it intentionally then I would advise you to stop doing that as you’re still in the initial stages, after watching this stuff, your mind will trick you to watch P and you’ll end up losing the streak. And No that is not considered as a relapse. But you should stop doing that.


See this is simple
As you see hot images still you are releasing dopamine then Your recovery will be slow

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Makes sense. I don’t feel any different, but I should avoid.


You will see difference because you will get delayed benefits


I think being honest with yourself about your motivation is key. Did you just happen to come across those images as you went about your daily life? If so, no problem - I saw some nudes in an art gallery the other day, but I wasn’t looking for porn, I was looking at art. Did you look at them purposefully because you wanted some relief for your urges? If so, that’s a reset. The honesty will shine light into the dark world of your addiction.


Since you do ask this question I would say yes.
Everything, where you ask your self “Is this still ok?”
Is edging per definition
and edging as we all know is a relapse.


No. You cant xontrol what you see bruh

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Its kinda like, at least to me, typing pornhub in the search engine and getting to the web results. You are flying near to the spider’s web like that. Trust me, i have been on the edge of that yesterday, but stopped myself. Was hard as hell, and took a while, but i fought back and watched nofap videos. Hell if i will relapse after 28 days, and before Mother’s Day!

Be careful of that, man. That’s one way of how it will sneak up on you. Your Brain will mess with you and try to do WHATEVER it can for that dopamine high. Be aware; while seeing an attractive woman on twitch or something with no pornographic content isnt necessarily a relapse per se, it can be a trap.

Spider’s web, man. Spider’s web. Whether on the edge or in the middle, you will eventually get stuck, and the spider now has you.

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