Does it count if you fap with or to your wife or pics/vids ya'll took together?

Whats qualifications are there for a fap

I ain’t no nerd as i don’t know the full history but fap is an action word and basically the sound you make when masturbating. Look it up but someone created it as some kind of content.

Anyways fap = masturbation so yes it counts.

If you doing semen retention then yes it counts.

But as for this nofap pmo addiction i say it depends.
Since it’s with you and your wife there is nothing wrong with that.
I say it’s your healthy porn if you will - seeing and doing just between you two.

For me i would say it don’t count in general as long as both desires (you but especially hers) are met then there is no harm.

The only possible harm i see is if you focus on your own desires only. This is bad because you be feeling of always wanting more which can (but not always) lead to porn or sex with other people.


If you fap to pics or vids it counts as fapping or PMO regardless if its your wife in these pictures or not - in my opinion.
The point of nofap is to rewire your brain to enjoy real women and not pixels on a screen. Even if the pixels show your wife: it’s still pixels on a screen…


My first question why would any husband would fap on her wife through pixels. I mean how?!!!
Second of all, you have a very problematic situation apart from noFap you need something more.

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