Does having sex counted as relapse?

Does have sex counted as relapse or no?


No I don’t think so… You are just out of the hardmode.
Sex and reproduction is an important part of life. Is James Bond doing a hardmode? F no


If you are doing semen retention yes. If you are doing nofap then technically no but you would get better results abstaining.


Not for me! But it also depends on each person.
as @adulrakha wrote:

Sex and reproduction is an important part of life.

** Easy Mode: Worth sex and no PMO **
** Hardmode: No sex and no PMO **

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Do you know what is the physiological aspect of it? Why sex doesnt make u lose your progress since you technically are doing the same thing and not retaining semen!

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Well semen retention is the ooposite of sex.
We, I mean most of us including me, are trying to remove porn and masturbation frim our pives. Porn and masturbation are not a natural thing and not normal like the societt say. Some people can’t have a good sex life because of this addiction. There are cases people don’t feel the enough pleasure they get with their hands, when they do actual intercourse.
Masturbation may cause erectile disfunction.
But sex is a natural part of the system, we humans need sex to survive, i.e, to make progenies and let the generation continue. But masturbation is just an artificial sex and bad for you in many ways.
Also sex is a bit healthy thing, it’s actually a small exercise. Plus with sex, you get more connected with your partner unlike fapping which gets you connected with fake shits and internet shits


No man, the reason we are on this jorney is to enjoy sex with a real women, if anything it is just healthy rewiring, the only drawback might be the chaser efect, just stay away from PMO


well, it depends on you really. the one reason we all are here is because our addiction to porn/masturbation has affected us in some way or the other and we want to get rid of it once and for all. so you need to ask yourself what is that you really want from this

sex can also turn into an addiction so if you are someone who feels that you have been addicted to sex and want to get rid of it then maybe you should think of it as a relapse. however, if you have a healthy sex life with your oartner and doesnt think of sex as in issue then you dont have anything to worry about.
lastly, my personal opinion is that we are herr to free ours from pmo addiction, not to become saints so dont be overcompliant

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