Does fapping makes us skinny?

Does NoFap helps in gaining weight because my friends told me to start nofap for gaining weight is it true?

Probably at least in an indirect way, as it messes up the connection between the mind and the body, making you less capable of eating healthy and regularly. It also keeps you nervous and unfocused and wastes your energy on a continuous basis.


Testosterone is needed for muscle fibre build up and fapping destroys your body’s natural hormonal levels. So indirectly yes.

It’s possible as it lowers your T levels temporarily, however how low it drops after youve ejaculated and how fast your T levels take to recover afterwards varies from person to person. Low testosterone levels in some cases actually causes people to gain fat. That being said it is very rare for either of these things to happen.

The biggest reason any will be skinny is because they are eating at a caloric deficit or maintenance. If you’re looking to gain weight then you need to be eating in a caloric surplus and focusing on progressive overload in the gym.


if nofap increase testosterone then it should make us to lose more fat. just opposite for fap