Does edge-ing affect NoFap progress?

I am just curious about edging. Does it decrease the NF progress? If yes, then how?

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It messes up the rebooting process, and it is worse than orgasming.


Okay, and what about the urges and thoughts? Does that also affect NoFap progress?

it is almost impossible to not have urges and thoughts. If you don’t have them you are already really far with your reboot. Sure, it would be best not to have them but since it is inevitable, I guess we just have to accept them. (You can reduce them probably a bit by meditating or you can learn to push them away but they will not completely disappear for a pretty long time).

Same thoughts about edging as Ddann. It keeps your hormone output high. You will fantasizing and it will get worse from day to day (if you edge today you will probably edge tomorrow too and so on). I know at least in my case, if I edged for lets say 30min I shouldn’t stop. I then try to come fast so that I can get a clean fresh start. The few times I stopped edging without orgasm I relapsed after 1-3 days.


The keyword in NoFap is self-control. This is normally achieved by abstaining from PMO; Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm. An interesting thing to note here is that Masturbation and Orgasm are seperated. This is due to the fact that they can both be a hindrance to your progress in and of themselves. Edging falls under the category of Masturbation and can be deceptively destructive to your progress. This is because you’re fooling yourself into thinking that you’re in control, because you technically aren’t achieving orgasm. However, in reality you are in fact still succumbing to the urge and need for pleasure; the pleasure found just before the point of climax. Despite how it may appear, there is no self-control in edging; it is another manifestation of addictive behaviour that will inevitably make you go ‘beyond the edge’ i.e. achieve orgasm.

When it comes thoughts and urges, I think it’s important to make a distinction. You can’t control urges. You can help yourself by being aware of your ‘triggers’ and actively avoiding them. However, one way or another, you will inevitably feel urges. You can’t control how your body reacts to them. However, you CAN control how YOU act upon them. As for thoughts, it is about context. It is impossible to completely avoid any sort of sexual thought, especially given the fact that most of us have prior experience and exposure to it in our lives. However, it is how you act upon these thoughts that determines if you’re in control or not. I’d argue that actively indulging in sexual thoughts/fantasies in your head is no different from watching porn, because they both achieve the same thing in the end.

In conclusion, don’t fool/cheat yourself or make excuses. You’ll just be holding yourself back. In situations where you are in doubt, just be honest with yourself and reflect upon whether or not you really are in control.


I did edge maybe 4 times in 17 days in urges, it dont disturbe me very much.Try to avoid it but as days pass the control will come, so hold and dont worry

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But still, if you have high self-control while edging, you will finally stop after a few while. But really, it is not recommended to edge unless you can really control yourself.


Urges and thoughts are normal, because we are sexual beings. But you need to take control over them and not letting them take control over your mind and soul.

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And I really feel like a hypocrite because I judge that edging is worse than O itself while I myself do it because of triggered by a hot pic.

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Yeah i can be a hypoctrite sometimes too, the best thing is to admit it and restrain yourself more.