Does anyone get mood swings with nofap?

I’ve been doing nofap for a long time, and overall i think it’s definitely improved my life. I do however feel like abstaining from any form of o has caused some negative mood swings in me and makes me more aggressive at times. There are days where I’m on edge the whole time and get angry or annoyed about the smallest thing for no reason.

Has anyone else felt this way, and if so how did you deal with it? I’m on a 100 day streak and overall feel a lot better so I’m not going to use this as a reason to stop.


Yeah bro this is very common during no fap,where u find mood swings most because due to porn addiction our mind adapted to it and when u suddenly leave it,the brain starts healing but not rapidly ,it will take some time.This is also called flatline.In flatline a person should have to focus more on meditation because urges are on peak during the flatline.


I love you bro thanks


Yes it’s happened to me and many others. Things do get better though as you said you’re on day 100, things are still healing and will continue to until you’ve finally eliminated however many years worth of damage you did to yourself using pmo. It’ll take awhile, but it’ll always be worth it. Great work on reaching 100 btw :+1::relaxed:


Its ok bro ur welcome

Yeah I’ll need to get back into the gym routine, it’s definitely a good stress relief

Failed but lot to learn i will make 6 days to more days