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Is lucid dreaming something to worry about?
Whenever im on my nofap streak, i suddenly get those lucid dreams. Today i had bizzare one. I was stuck in dream to dream and i was completely aware of that fact. In one dream i was in the same room i live but couldn’t move my body even after trying to move… then suddenly i woke up


@nofapstar123, you didn’t have a lucid dream, or at least it wasn’t only. That was a sleep paralysis, it’s not something to worry about, when we are in some anxiety spectrum we can experiment all kind of strange dream behaviour. These dreams use to be just nightmares or weird phenomenon, but in not so often times it occurs, the sleep paralysis. It has a lot of misticism or legends about them like it was something paranormal, but reality is quite less cool. It just you wake during your REM sleep phase when all your muscles from below neck are flacid and you can only use the motor nerves from your brainstem in mesencephalus you have the oculomotor pair of nervers which moves the eyes (also the trochlear, and abducens do some eye moves), so you can see, hear, sense but don’t move. That sensation cause so much stress that the patient can feel presences, hallucinations like somone on top of you and that kind of stuff. I had one when I was 12, but I have never padeced the experience again. Don’t worry about it and try to not sleep looking at ceiling which is a risk factor for the phenomenon, also if you are so much stress try to take ansyolitics or even if you need it so much you can consider if the non relapse is causing damage in your body, we want to destroy an addiction, but not destroy nature. The body is wise, sometimes we need to listen it. “Everything is poison, the difference is the dosis” Paracelso.

Sleep paralysis: Causes, symptoms, and treatments - Harvard Health

Who said fear:


But im not stressed these days


@nofapstar123 your body feels the stress your mind doesn’t.


Hlo doctor
Can shaking of hands and legs be reversed?
Its no genetic to me I feel its bcz of masturbation and it increased when i started gym without taking proper diet


@Fredrick9Budhha It probably and effect of the abstinence syndrom, I recomend you taking propanolol, a betablocker wich has effects on trembling and will help you to relax. If you are not having problems with bradycardia then it would be a good option. Also if your religion doesn’t forbidden the alcohol, a single beer will reduce the shaking too.


Today we will talk about the symptoms, phenomenos, crisis and pathology with its treatment of the most consumed drug around globe. The Alcohol

There are described along the medical literature of the psychosis and hallucinations it can cause, we will focus now in chronic intoxication, first of all the jealous pathologic syndrome, Othello syndrome, the patient experiment a specter of jealousy with its pair, controlling, deliring and persecuting interfering with relatives, these madness will trigger violence and physical trauma against others, destroying families in the process and needing so much psychotherapy to recover including antipsychotics as Haloperidol.

Next is the double syndrom produced by carency of B1 vitamin tiamin, because of the continuous take of alcohol. The wernicke-korsakoff. A classic clinic of patients with walk problems, disfucnction of ocular movement nerves and conscious bad states as estupor, or coma. The treatment is the vitamin (WARNING: always before glucose feeding to not trigger the wernicke). The second phase if it is not treated in time is the memory troubles of the amnesia of Korsakoff including the before and new memories, they are afected and the patient confabulate and don’t remember who is him/her now, they believed in false memories and have “lacunes” holes in the remembers filled with lies and fictional facts. The second phase has no treatment. 17% lethal.

The third situation is the acute deprivation of alcohol after a pair of days or 48 hours without the alcohol in their bodies and the psychotic presentation called, Delirium Tremens.
Defined of horrible hallucinations with animals and insects, high blood pressure, tachycardia, sweating, psychosis, vomiting… The treatment is benzodiazepins and antipsychotics to relax the patient and reduce the probability of heart attack, it is actually very dangerous condition and with hight death rate. So all chronic alcohol patients in hospital take ansyolitics as detoxification to avoid the Delirium Tremens.

The treatment of dishabituation is different of detoxification, we can use for the desire and gains and antagonist of opium, Naltrexona or antidepressants. And psychotherapy in group or single and during minimum 6 months or 1 year.

An interesting treatment is the take of Disulfiram or cianamide calcic, both of them cause the called Antabuse effect a painful way to trick the brain, the patient takes the Antabuse and then when he falls in addiction the alcohol cause this time and because of the Antabuse a non pleasure effects like redness, sweat, nauseas, tachicardia… Like a punishment for fall again. Also there are others drugs that can do the same effect if we cross them with alcohol like antibiotics, antifungics like Cloranfenicol, griseofulvine, isoniacide, tetracycline.

Antabuse: Uses, How to Take, Side Effects, Warnings -

Thank you so much for your attention and mash the like button for more. And remember if you drink…DON’T DRIVE.



Hi Doctor, What’s your take on deworming Meds?
It’s not that common here in our place, do you recommend them?


Do you really go by stereotypes? I didn’t expect that at all.

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It’s not stereotypical at all. The issues are real.

Although the rice plantation one got me laughing :man_farmer:t2::ear_of_rice::rofl:


Do you really think everyone just lives around Ganga river? Or that we don’t have water filtration systems? Or that we always have too many rats around us? Well rats are a problem almost everywhere in the whole world, so I take it he’s assuming we live with them or something. As if we don’t deal with rats if they come in our homes.

Obviously the country has problems, I don’t deny that. It isn’t some perfect place to live in, but that doesn’t mean you can just make stereotypes like that.
Not every river here is filthy, even Ganga has been cleaned in some places. Although a lot of work is still to be done.

My town is also based on the banks of a river, and I won’t say you can directly drink water from it without filtering it or something but it is not “filthy”. People catch fishes from there and sell it regularly.

(I took this picture)

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And you shouldn’t just let it slide because you think “the issues are real”.
I again won’t say that there aren’t problems, but it’s way too specific(hence stereotypical).

India is a big country and not every place is same. Not to mention the living conditions are improving.

Next time you’ll let the stereotype of “poverty” slide because there are poor people in here. Of course there are, but does that mean every person here is poor? (A stereotype promotes this kind of thinking)

And there has been work on poverty too. You should know about this.

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“The World Bank’s International Poverty Line is $2.15 per person per day”
The limit itself is flawed. Ain’t no way someone who earns just 200 Rupees a day isn’t poor. :slight_smile: Harsh fact but true, we need to look for a diversified set of indexes.

He never talked about poverty btw :confused:

Well, yes. Not in all places…perhaps, I assume he used Ganges as an example to ask if the other person ever went to a river swimming, since rivers do have Infectious or parasitic creatures.

Yups, it’s a problem in UK too, infact they have bigger rats. I don’t think he assume we live with Rats, it’s just rats can spread infection. Also, we don’t have a ecosystem for rats to foster, like a web of underground sewage like USA.


The link I gave reports on “multidimensional poverty”.

And Indian standard of multidimensional poverty is even more strict compared to international standard.

But I can’t find the Indian standard right now so I’ll just give that from UNDP itself.

Or you can go to the bottom of the link I gave earlier, in case this link doesn’t work.

Read this line. It is very clearly a stereotype.

And if you read rest of the paragraph things get very clear about the stereotypes.

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You guys are hilarious :joy:


Gotta grab a popcorn bucket this is interesting


Today let’s talk about EXPOSURE. @Nep_12 and @Purity11 will “love” this theme.

First of all this steretypical problem is not a reality in my profession because about the issue I gonna explain, the exposure. There are illnesses around the globe but not equal distributed, the diseases are not homogen but heterogen, irregular, depending about age, sex, ethnic, blood type, country origin, temperature. That is conditions cause infectious are living beings which likes different places to appear and reproduce. If someone swim in a lake in USA I will ask if their symptoms are similar about the exposure of Naegleria Fowleri, an ameba lethal. If someone went to Mexico and came back with an eye swollen and heart or guts troubles then I will seek Tripanosoma Cruzi (Chagas Disease), a protozoo. If you work in wells and sewers and bleed from your urethra I will seek Leptospirosis the same with rice workers and farmers in contries with symptoms and declared zones. If you go to Egypt and came back bleeding from your urethra and you swam in Nilo i will seek, schistosomiasis, worms. If you were born in Guam and your limbs stop working I will look for AlS, Neurological genetic disease. Why? Because the exposure. Because it could be, because when someone ask you help for an illness you need to ask from where was born, what is his work, the age, the conditions, not to be correct politically talking because if with a question you can save him it is worth it, not asking in my job could be DEATH. If you work in a office doesn’t mind, if your patient is dying knowing what ate, who was with him, what he did it is RELEVANT. And everything must be demonstrated by science process. Medicine based in evidence. Stop treating doctor as stereotypicals and hear them, we are taking care of all. But what you did or get exposed it Is IMPORTANT. Ask save! And read the articles to learn about all talked diseases, then maybe you learn about something relevant instead fighting for nonsenses. Those are real things than could kill. Be rationals, we are not against any country or people, just want to find the agent to eliminate and cure the sick people. GOOD DAY SIRS!


@Purity11 The anthelmintic medication is for parasitic infections like taenias, schistosomiasis, LoaLoa, Fillarias and amoebas. They are Albendazole, praziquantel, ivermectine, etc, and they are very useful, they can destroy the agent effectively. I will lend you a pair of articles about them.

Taeniasis: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment.


I didn’t harbor any ill feelings towards you when I said those things and I don’t think you’re against any country.

I was just pissed at the stereotype which is being promoted due to western media. This is especially true for India. I’ve seen a lot of times where they play this game, and people knowingly or unknowingly believe these things to be true.

But I got your point now, so my sincere apologies.

Hopefully I didn’t hurt your feelings too much.

This is something new for me to know, that some pathogens or disease favouring conditions are more prevalent in certain parts of the world. I guess if one travels a lot around the world this info will be quite useful for that person.

@Purity11 you too. I’m sorry.


@Nep_12 I accept your apologies and I am so happy you understand the point of view of medicine. It is true that they are racist out there and people in west who discriminate and hurt others. The doctors suffer even violence of patients and relatives because of misunderstandings. I am from Spain, a country that I can say it is filled with all kind of religions, cultures and people, but I assure you there are bad people in my country. The ganga question was for my friend @valiantwarriorsoldier which symptoms were suitable with an exposure of leptospirosis and with the next questions I discarded the disease and look for other options. In my work we see a lot of illneses and must be careful of what lives in the countries we visit, the infectious diseases are the most worring. For example in Africa are lethal non treatable conditions like hemorragic fevers or other treatable like Tripanosoma bruceii. I recomend you to this page to learn about a lot of diseases and places you can find them.

Have a good day mister.