Do you work out?

Hey guys,
I’m new to working out,
Do you work out?, how long have you been doing it?

How long before the workout you eat, and what do you eat?

I feel like vomiting at every work out, even if I eat 2 hours before or even fast that day, I did vomit few times already, not pleasant activity, is there some food can help with that,

Is eating one hour before a work out is fine?

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In your case, i suggest workout early morning, first thing in the morning with empty stomach. Also ensure you take warm milk before going to bed, since milk has slow releasing casein protein so u will still feel energized in the morning after 7 hours of sleep and then you can start workout in the morning.
As soon u done working out, take good healthy breakfast.
Also very important, always have very light food followed by warm milk before going to bed. Never ever eat heavy spicy foods and full stomach before bed night sleep.
Take care n happy workout. Workout is really important to stay disciplined.


Thanks alot :pray:

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Yes i do workout and the hormone released during the workout is a perfect replacement for the dopamine hormone which is released during mastrubation, I’m 18 yr old now and I started my fitness journey at the age of 16 and I’m really a fitness freak now :sunglasses::lion::fire:


I eat light things 2h before workout, bananas, gainer, fruits… Maybe you do too hard workout? Hard workout can end up in vomiting, start easy and every week add few more reps.

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Dopamine is released by every activity we do, even eating, working out, studying everything, it’s just that porn and excessive masturbation causes excessive dopamine flooding in our brains which causes our body to cut down some of the dopamine receptors and it becomes hard to enjoy things (dopamine is the hormone responsible for making us enjoy any activity)

I don’t work out.

I lose the muscle that I try to build.

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I workout at home with dumbbells, I do hiit so it’s pretty effective, I’ve been at it for almost more than 1 year now and I don’t miss a day.
I workout in the morning before eating anything, morning exercise provides you with a good pump to get through the day

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