Do you believe in western science?

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Please explain why you believe/don’t believe in western science, because I am really curious about some of the stuff people in here have been saying about it and I would like to know your opinions :grin:


If there is an option called " Some". I would choose that.


I completely and utterly believe in science for the simple reason that it works. Planes fly, I could read this post, I can call my buddies half way across the world, medicines work, people walking around with someone else’s heart beating in them, etc.
Just take a look around and you’ll know why we should believe in science.

Now most of the science discussion on this forum will be in the context of healthcare. So I’ll try to keep my post limited to that. A reason why a lot of folks here have come to hate modern medicine is because they believe they’ve been lied to about the “benefits” of PMO. Now that is not the fault of science, but the so called experts who have been vested with the responsibility of conveying the findings to general population without bias.

Let me give you the example of Nicole Prause (a neuroscientist researching human sexual behaviour)
Please read the following:-

If you’ve read all that, you’ll find a mention of the Tobacco Wars at the end. It’s referring to how the Tobacco industry spread misinformation about the risks of smoking to keep it’s profits sky high. Big Tobacco’s campaign to cast doubt on the link between smoking and disease is now a classic case study in a science called Agnotology : the study of the cultural production of ignorance.
Science was telling us smoking is bad but some malicious entities didn’t want us to hear that.

Another example of the good of science being silenced to protect Big Pharma’s profits can be found in suppression of Dr Stanislaw Burzynski’s antineoplaston treatment for cancer. The FDA harassed him for years while he was treating kids with terminal brain cancer and sending them into complete remission.

I believe in modern medicine not just because it works, but because it acknowledges it’s limitations and is open to change in the face of irrefutable evidence. Unlike some forms of Alternative medicine that make bold claims with nothing to back those claims.

We should not put science and entities acting with malicious motivations in the same box. Science is nothing but the pursuit of truth. And I believe in that pursuit.


I can’t tick on either.
There’s no doubt that modern western science has done some really extraordinary things.

At the same time “western scientific” people underestimate the innovative ways tribals have to come up with to survive.
One should look at the ways they build and improvise traps, craft poisons, flooding the underground shelter of an animal with some special herbal smoke to push it out and hunt it, their navigation techniques, astronomy (used for navigation), and a variety of indigenous mathematical techniques they use in weaving, building houses and even dams etc.

The list seems endless…

This tribal knowledge is extremely precious and those people are truly independent in a sense. They have spent their lifetimes in mastering these techniques. This is the kind of “education” that many modern people highly underestimate. Calling them savages and what not.


Also, I disagree with calling it “western science”. The west does not lay claim to science. It has always been a global effort. I’ll admit, most of the scientific revolution of the 20th century occured in the west but that did not happen without the contribution of people from all around the world. And science has seen itself prosper in different regions around the world during different time periods.

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” - Sir Isaac Newton


also I have my opinions about how calculus was plagiarized from the east(along with many discoveries in mathematics and astronomy). But I guess that’d turn into something highly controversial topic. So I’ll keep quiet on it.


I don’t know about that bro. I just like that quote honouring the ones who came before us.


I disagree with that. Science always seeks to learn and understand. If there are so called “western scientists” who underestimate and shun the tribal knowledge as beneath them, they’ll make shitty scientists for sure. With such an attitude, they’ll be pretty inconsequential in the scientific community.


I’ll demonstrate by an example

this guy in the video nowhere gave the credit to non western people who were equally as brilliant.
Obviously newton is a big name and has virtually done “everything” so giving off his name sounds legit.

However he does put this.

But if you watch the video and the see the narrative he created, it made me wanting to punch in his face (FYI I knew who were the pioneers of infinite series before watching the video)

I will not speak more about it. So this is my first and last comment.


I believe they are best to ever do it, but are definitely hiding cures and answers to alot of problems and unanswered questions


I’ve seen it more times that I can count. Not exactly the “scientists” but those who claim to “stand with science”
One of the very common things you can say is where they cite that “masturbation is healthy” and the ancient medicinal practices speak exactly opposite of it. So people would go on and call Ayurveda (or any other indigenous medicine) as “pseudoscience”.

I guess you get my point now.


To say I have nothing against modern science, I will definitely say some of the recent medical technologies (and in general) are mind blowing.

But there’s also a catch, that the modern pharmaceuticals are trying to make people highly dependent on their drugs. Again, not that the drugs are bad. But you can see the trend in the rising number of people who take antidepressants.

They want us to trust blindly on them in the name of “science”. Some of the corona vaccines gave people irreparable damage and has even killed them.

So yes, I can’t mark on either “yes” or “no”

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I do get your point. In fact if you read my original post, the bit about Nicole Prause in the images, you’ll find that we agree.

That narrative is changing now, thanks to science. Earlier we had no research, just the assurance of sex positive “experts” that say Po®n and masturbation is okay. But with mounting scientific evidence, we are realising that nothing can be further from the truth.

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I’m not sure about that. The common trope is that masturbation is healthy. I just stopped caring for “scientific discoveries” a long time ago. I know as my personal experience fapping fucks me up. And that’s enough. There’s people on this forum itself who do not believe in semen retention (they do nofap but really don’t much care about semen providing the body that vitality) and it’s absolutely fine.

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I addressed that too in my original reply. The bit about Dr Stanislaw Burzynski. And that’s just one example of Big Pharma trying to protect it’s profits by any means necessary. I’m sure there are plenty more.

As a doctor myself, I’m not a huge fan of mood altering drugs and I believe they should be used with extreme caution after rigorous assessment and only when absolutely necessary. There is some agreement that antidepressants are being over prescribed and it’s well documented that misuse of antibiotics has led to the creation of superbugs (multi drug resistant bacteria)

That was unfortunate. But science never tried to conceal the risks of the vaccine. The people who were supposed to disseminate the information might’ve. It is a well known fact that every treatment modality in allopathy is associated with some form of side effect, mild or serious.

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Thousands of people felt the same, me included and that’s how the NoFap movement started. That prompted the people from scientific backgrounds to challenge the existing narrative and propelled scientific research in the field. And now, what we felt was always true is being confirmed by hard science.

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I would choose some there are things that I agree in some studies and disagree cause science is not always correct, we always make new discoveries and as an example of a wrong study: “Why masturbation is healthy”
Yeah, I guess that’s my personal opinion.
Great topic idea bro!

By the way, Western science is science, dude. Why, is there an east one? Cause in all my life I was studying the west science and I’m not from the west

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This is one of the strangest questions i have scene
There is no science called western or eastern science

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Western and Eastern countries and their different contributions to science? Just a generalization, i think its very valid with how different cultures and countries look at science and integrate it with there values and views of the world

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We’ll said and thank you

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