Do we get the benefit of semen retention while edging?

While edging do we get benefit of semen retention!? Plz answer

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little bit a weird question.
sure, if you just edge you will keep everything inside. so, you are doing semen retention and hence should have its benefits.
but edging is one of the worst things you can do. so, that would be a really bad trade


How it’s a bad thing ?edging without porn

No, we dont get the benefits.
Actualy edging make you feel even worse.
Edging creates the sexual tension & stress over your body.

Recently, i was tortured by edging on 24th day & i lost my confidence… due to build up tension & stress… i relapsed 2 days later on my 27th day.

Never edge… keep it pure.


I mean does the vital liquid passes away through urine or is it reabsorbed back in our body?

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When we edge… we precum plus a considerable amount of energy is lost which is stored in our brain.

If you have noticed while edging your body starts to shiver… your heart rate increases… your body temperature rises… you are afraid that something bad is going to happen.

dont worry about vital liquid… its all about your decision to watch porn or not… everytime you took a decision to not watch porn… you are raising your confidence.

Energy keeps on adding up into you… if you focus your sexual energy into other areas of life


From my experience, it is not as bad as ejaculating…
But, it sure jeopardize the benefits of being pure, without PMO.
You pushes dopamine into your brain, and creates a lot of stress inside you.
So, the feeling of happiness and accomplishment with life’s normal stuff will start to vanish.

Plus, it is the start of the downhill for porn and relapse, since it IS porn going inside your head.
Free and easy dopamine is addictive. We’re not designed to have pleasure without struggle.
After you get easy dopamine, you’ll need a higher dose the next time… And higher, and higher…
Just like we go through porn that is more and more extreme, your mind will go from “just edge without porn” to “just a peek”, and so on…

So, don’t edge…
I’ve been there several times, I always relapsed after edging. I’ve always felt anger and uneasiness after edging.
Avoid it as much as you can.


No, one cannot get benefits in this way. When you edge, you forcefully ‘make’ your body need s*x but you break the process in between. This causes harm to the body. Also, when you edge, all the stages of ejaculation get over except the final release, i.e. the semen which is stored in subtle form throughout the body, becomes concentrated and ready to be released but you stop it, which may cause diseases. NEVER EDGE.


Well said… @AnkitK
I will keep my streak as pure as possible.


NoFap is about the body and mind. While edging, you do not damage your body but hurt your dpirit twice as much. What’s the point in having high testosterone if you feel like shit and are too weak to talk to people or girls? Benefits of NoFap are physical as much as mental, but to be able to enjoy them, you HAVE to take care of your soul. Otherwise what you’re doing is useless.
Sorry for being so harsh, but the truth is not always pretty.
I hope you understand so you can start improving your life.
Good luck bro :+1:


Hell no.

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Wow it seems like the consensus here is a big NO. My personal opinion is the opposite of what most people here says though :grin:.

First of all, I want to say that it might be playing with fire, like an alcoholic hanging around in bars. It’s a big chance that it will make the recovery from porn addiction harder.
Secondly, when I say edging I mean masturbating and edging without porn, not even fantasizing about porn.

With that being said, a lot of experts in the field of sexuality for instance Kim anami and Mantak Chia to mention a few, advocates the many health benefits of masturbation with semen retention and edging.
And it is my PERSONAL opinion based on several years of studying sexuality that yes when you edge you do get the benefits of semen retention. But only if you do it in a mindfulness manner without the help of artificial stimulus.
Love and respect :wink:

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Wish i saw what you said early yesterday
But from now i will consider every step :facepunch::fire:
Edging is the most dangerous level ever

Your comment made my day brother thank you

Edging is the worse thing,it leads to unwanted relapse which no guus wanted in their no fap journey. Still u r retaining sperm but due to sexual thought ur arousing your habit of masturbation and depressing it which is worst than masturbation

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