Do Urges ever stop past 90 days?

Just wondering for anyone who past 3 months or 90 days do the urges go? Non stop urges everyday can’t stop thinking about porn etc. Most day I made it to is 5 days then huge waves of urges crashes in and sets me back to day 1 again. Do urges every stop at all?

I am also worried about this thing currently I am on day 19 and I get what you are saying

See this video it helped me

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Short answer: no they never stop you just get better at controlling them and ignoring them…


I am day 108. I am speaking from my experience now.Urges don’t hit me that often. But if on that note, if I browse internet without discriminating good and bad images then failure is guaranteed.
Otherwise, it’s going to be an easy walk.
But again, we need to build a healthy lifestyle with good habits like yoga, excercise, clean veg food, being aware.Just take care of intial 30 days.That’s it.