Do stop fapping at teenage can increase height

I’m 6 feet tall…

Yes you can
Alot of sleep.
No pmo!.
The right excersice.
You will definetly grow alot.

It’s the summer time… The best thing I can honestly say because I have have 6 pack, but you need to not eat so much and what you do eat make sure it’s healthy and just go outside to the pool or gym or just do something to get active… And ik at dinner you might have to eat something mom or dad makes and it might be unhealthy but in that case limit it to just one plate, it’s not about what you eat its about HOW MUCH you eat. Understand?

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Thanks BRO :heart:

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Because you are relatively young you have several ways to increase your height.

Your bones have epiphyseal plate, it’s a grow zone and it is usually open until ages 16-21. You can stimulate and prolongate grow if you will exercise(as far as I know running is better than everything else). Start slowly, learn proper running techniques, increase until 3-5k 3 time a week(depend on your weight, it will be enough for stimulation, beware of over training).

Next thing what increase height is growth hormone somatotropin, you can stimulate it secretion with good deep sleep, exercise, diet(high-carbohydrate diet at the higher caloric level depressed growth hormone values

Good posture can add 1-2 inches to your height (it depends on how bad your current posture is)

Also I not agree with BreezyJae, not all calories is equal
In order to lose weight and increase height in same time my advice is not eat less(because it may suppress grow) but eat right and exercise more.

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im 17 . i got full beard and mustache. im 5 7 or 5.7 . i anna grow taller atleast 5 10 could i grow taller?

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