Do Smells ever remind you of fapping?

Do Smells ever remind you of fapping in the past?

For me, when ever I smell this one specific smell it reminds me of relapsing, and the pain it has brought me

Smell of cum and baby oil.

The smell of cum, lube, cream and smell of silicon of a fleshlight…

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How does a Fleshlight feel? Haha.

For a period of time it feels good. As a virgin I cannot compare a fleshlight with a real vagina, but I have read good reviews about it, for example on how it is supposed to increase sexual stamina. In my opinion I don’t feel any change since masturbation and porn destroyed that ability. I used it with and without lube (super thight) and it feels good by adjusting the suction cup, but when I realised that using the fleshlight is the same as masturbating I just quit it. I still have it in my closet, but very hidden from my sight so I don’t touch it again. That price of shit cost around 50$ and I cannot thow it away.

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Anything can trigger it. It’s like the pavlofs dog experiment. Smells are particularly strong, also pre-Rituals, what happens before it…

I for example noticed when I was at the PC, night time, my hand would unconsciously go down and I would start holding my b** and d***, that would get me in the mood… So I quit doing that

The heck. ! Haha. This is the first time me knowing about fleshlight haha. Didn’t know the correct word. All I know was a fake vagina machine thingy i saw in porn when addicted.