Do I reset me counter?


Do I reset?? I’m assuming yes bloody yes.
So after 24 nearly 25 days no p.m.o I thought Fuck it and gave into masturbation this morning and masturbation to orgasm. That was the point. I didn’t want urges all bloody day although in reality I wouldn’t have had urges all day.
But I didn’t look at porn and it was all over pretty quick lol. Jeez we get to be honest on this forum don’t we…
My point is that in terms of rebooting my mind from the harmful effects of viewing porn I haven’t failed. I haven’t viewed porn for nearly 25 days could be slightly more. I wasn’t thinking porn when I failed either… I was able to separate porn from masturbation quite easily so I guess that’s a positive… It’s been difficult although not impossible to do that in the past… but well I have
masturbated and orgasms so I reset right?


That is a reset. In my opinion thinking if porn is not relapse, you are not watching it, you rather think of it so it becomes like a forgotten compressed file in your brain


You are confused about your situation because your mind has tricked you here like this…

Clearly you have failed bro. What are you thinking that you are going to fap without porn and all things will get alright. Then, go ahead and bust your nuts.

Thats not going to change your life. You have to save your life bro.



I did reset my counter after posting this because by my reckoning it was a fail. After reading some posts I decided that on easy mode I hadn’t failed but on hard mode I had failed. I had been doing hard mode so I can’t just switch to easy mode.
I also know that allowing masturbation is a slippery slope to looking at porn again so in order to avoid porn I must avoid masturbation so yes a reset was required. I mean stupidly I could’ve avoided it but I was feeling angry about rejection from a girl I liked awhile back and let that play on my mind… pretty damn immature really but a pretty human response too.


There is no point in not resetting your counter after fapping.
It’s called “NoFap”.
Set this failure as a milestone and get back on the program…


What I do is when I relapse I instead just don’t reset counter. I count days somewhere else. And once I hit a certain goal I reset it and it wont be 0.