Do anybody knows ,shivering legs due to masturbation

my legs shiver ,like i feel ive no energy when i lift some weight
plz tell me

My hands also shivir when I take something in my hand .

so do you know how to get rid of it
will nofap help
or exeecise?

Keep doing nofap, you need to be patient

shivers, tremors, leg and knee pain, back pain, waist and hip pain, it all happens


Did anyone feel numbness in limbs…I feel it very often

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Except hip pain I am suffering from all .

whats yiur current streak
and how long you re in this habbit

I feel it everyday since 3 years . Feel like dead body and

Numbness in too feel very often. I found that it is because of lack of b 12 . And vegetarians lack b12 sources. And masturbation is Making things even worse

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My all body shivers… we all are deeply fucked by this addiction.

We shiver because we have energy in Minus… We are WEAK

If you have noticed when we are about to orgasm… our whole body shivers like a leaf and all energy is shooted out from our penis… that is our problem…

My shivering goes away after a Month on Hard mode.