DM me if you feel we're gonna vibe

Sharing code - x8ckbj *

Current streak - 3 days *
Highest streak - 20 days *
Age - 19
Gender - F

Why I want a companion - because I want to share my experience about fapping and I also want her to be held accountable if I want someone to also monitor my fapping journey. Also, I want to learn from her experiences so that we can learn from each other’s mistakes and grow together as we fight this addiction.


@sakshi11 @NhTbH

They are the only two girls I know here. They’ll definitely help you and possibly be your companion as well. All the best!:handshake:


Hi @Maria how are you ??

I hope that you are good and you enjoy your journey with this great community and great to join it

Everyone will help you with what he knows or what he is in , you also try to engage and communicate and learn from challenges and learning from all the stories in here becaus sometimes it matters …

i’m here with you anytime , be sure i will reply to you whenever , what ever i will try to help with what i know with and if i don’t know i will do a monkey to know :joy::rofl:

welcome maria … :sweat_smile::raised_hand:


Omggg, finally my prayer waa answered <3 thank you so so much. May God Bless youuu!


Waaaah, thank youuu so so much <3 sending hugs from afar. Finally I found a community where I can feel like I’m home. <3


You don’t know how I need this hug and talking to a girl to be always talking , expressing is important
You can’t imagine how this was a big mistake to express what I feel but haaaaa !
Everything change but take care you whom choose how to change …
All right :wink::+1:
Take care always and don’t worry I will not going anywhere :rofl:

I am here …


Hello @Maria …we can help eachother related to streak nopmo ok!.
i am adding u as a companion…lets fight this together…


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