Disciplinelife's success diary

April 14, 2021. Day 0.

Let’s the countdown begin.
I promise to myself, to God, the admin and all the companions here that I will quit watching porn and masturbation forever.

I live a disciplined, healthy, happy life!

God bless me!


Iam watching you…


Me too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::raised_back_of_hand:
Hahahahaha !!
No worries we are to fight together man , welcome and start to explore and to surprise yourself first of all one here .


April 16 Day 0

I am so sorry and I feel so ashamed. I have relapsed again.

But here I rise again and won’t disappoint anyone this time I promise. :sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:


Yeterday i nearly relapsed but i controlled myself and got back. No one here is perfect. Everyone is fighting their own battle. It is good to feel ashamed but that shame and guilt should not hold your growth…prevent you from success.
Everyone should feel ashamed…All of us are ashamed by this habit of ours. Thats why we are here to quit that addiction. Turn that shame into fire of desire, dedication and determination. Pmo is more dangerous than plague or cancer you should remember this always. Now break this habit this time. My best wishes!


Day 4

I slept around 10 hours because of fatigue.
I feel tired and lazy most of the time because of loss of precious energy.
I do believe things will change! I wish to see myself normal, healthy, joyful and successful.

Shit relapsed after 8 days.
April 24th.

I will try again with renewed determination.
Will make it. I know I will make it.

Day 6 in few minutes

Here I promise all the members of this forum, the admin of this app, all my fellow nofap friends that I will make it this time without fail.

Bro don’t pressure mind. Do NOFAP easily.

Make NOFAP your identity.

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Day 3 and going

I am healthy and happy.

Day 6 and going

I am healthy and happy
My body is healthy, my mind is happy

Day 8 and going

I am healthy and happy.
I am healthy and happy.
I am healthy and happy.

Life is growing better everyday.

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Day 10 and going

I am healthy and happy.
Free life is better.
Life free from compulsion and addiction is better.
I am free and pure.
I am good.
My life is good.
Thank you.

Day 12 and going

Thank God I am free.
Thank God I am healthy, and happy.
I am proud of myself. I am good. I am free from addiction and other unhealthy habits.
I am discipline and strong willed.
I thank God for everything I have.


May 22 relapsed after 14 days. Very disappointing.

  1. I need to stay away form social media and not watch YouTube contents which have triggering contents in them like crime shows.

  2. Need to stop playing games.

  3. Sleep and get up on time regularly.

  4. Don’t worry as much.

  5. Do regular exercise, pranayam and meditation.

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Day 1 and going

I will make it. Definitely. God bless me!

Day 17 and going

Though I have given up jerking completely yet I am making the entry just to track my progress.

I am healthy, sane and strong. I don’t do shitty things like jerking off. It’s so pathetic. It had made my life a hell. But now I am free of it and healthy, sane and successful.