Discipline challenge (Fitness/ Active Intent) [[In development]]

This discipline challenge is about fitness and being active.
Things you can do
Push ups
Weightlifting etc.

Anything that involves fitness/being active
My last challenge with discipline was a disaster, I want to make things right this time and make a better challenge for you guys.
This challenge is designed to help change your lifestyle where you form positive new habits of running etc, which you will be able to turn to instead of PMO

Why do fitness?
When exercise, or work out etc, your body releases feel good endorphins and it increases testosterone levels which is good especially in nofap, exercise is a positive habit, exercise releases a healthy source of dopamine that actually lasts unlike the dopamine you get from from fapping which only lasts 1 minute
Every positive habit you do that involve exercise earns you points
*Doing bad habits like eating too much junk food or drinking soda can lose you points, because that stuff can make you lazy, and make you not want to exercise.
Entries are open to everyone, but the challenge isn’t starting just yet, ive still got to add some things to it.

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Already into it :fire: waiting to start

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Here’s an example of what the day should be like,

Wake up in the morning, get out of bed, do pushups, lift your dumbbells if you use some and do at least 50 reps then go for a morning jog.

After that just get on with your day.

Then in the afternoon, depending on your work hours, go for an afternoon run then do pushups and situps again. Repeat daily.

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Here’s another challenge which involves being out of the comfort zone.

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