Dirty hippie.No poo,no toothpaste

It is true that the more you love yourself the more you will take care of yourself.So nofap help me increase my self-love and self-acceptance.
Due to that in the last months i am trying to create a more natual lifestyle for a better health.In the 1st of December i:
1.Stopped using shampoos.Just take a look at the toxic ingredients of the products that you use and do a research.Replaced that shit with natural soap bars that are cheaper and last longer.My hair and my body looks and feels healthier.My hair’s oil got back to its natural homiostacy and i have to take a bath once a week or sometimes once every 9 days because my hair doesn’t get oily anymore.
2.Stopped using toothpaste.Just do a research of all the carcinogens that they contain.Before i was using the least poisonous toothpaste i could find in the market.But it was pricely and run out.So i chose to stop eating sweets complety and i begam brushing my teeth since then without toothpaste.Guess what!
I don’t have morning breath anymore.Nor does my breath smell.Also my teeth are clean and decay free.Many studies exist which state that brushing your teeth without toothpaste is as effective or maybe more than brushing with a toothpaste.If i feel like brushing my teeth with something i will mix baking soda and water which it creates a beatifull toothpaste.
These were my personal experiences on minimalism.I hope i inspire you to question your lifestyle habits and maybe change them for the better.


Could you do a one-week trial with and without to see and compare results with and wothout toothpaste? Really interested btw, but I need to be sure about the sanitary aspect before giving it a try.
Thanks for the info anyway bro

He’s not wrong that you don’t need toothpaste - I gave up toothpaste over a year ago after doing similar research. I use baking soda now.

Trying it for one week yourself, I don’t see how that could hurt. Obviously I’m no dentist, but I’d say it’s much better than what they’re recommending you use anyway.

In other countries, people use tree branches to clean their teeth. Just scraping off the plaque and bacteria is enough to cover the sanitary aspect.

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