Different types of urges and different severities

Ok so a lot of the time the urges I get are just regular urges, like I just want to go watch porn in general. I feel like I find those urges a lot early in my streaks. But if I get past them I begin to get them less frequently.

But what does become more frequent is a different urge. This one is so much stronger. It’s the urge to watch a SPECIFIC video or SPECIFIC adult film actress. When I’m in streaks longer than 5 days, it’s these thoughts that make me relapse. I’d spend all my time just thinking about watching that one video/pornstar. And then I’d eventually cave and give in. I’m like yeah I’ll just watch this one video and that’s it. Then it turns to a full on binge session.

Does anyone else struggle with something similar? Or have any advice on how to tackle this?


I’ve experienced this. The key is to not make a big deal about it and get on with your daily tasks (whatever you are supposed to do), it’s just your mind craving that old bad dopamine, it will trick you in different ways, just know this, remember it’s not a big deal and keep going.
Discussing and posting about it will make you think about it even more, this is also your mind playing tricks on you. I know this because I’ve also done that lol.


I find that the kind of urge change over time. I’m on a 365 days streak, and the kind of urge I have now is not related to a need to watch P or M. The urge that I have is to meet real woman.

You will get there too!!!

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Yes that’s great man strengthen the mind before u furfill that need no one can be lonely forever so go out there find u someone if u get rejected get stronger


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