Did you started #nofap because of religious reasons?

Are you for example Christian, Jew or Muslim ? Are you stopping because it’s a sin ? Let me know below !

(I stop because it’s a Sin/already have ED with 17 and all the other beautiful benefits of #nofap


No bro. I quited Porn , because I don’t like it.

I am trying to quit MASTURBATION , because Heath is the biggest wealth.


And my religion commands me take good care of my health. We often misunderstand that religion is a burden and hence we shouldn’t take it too serious.


The first step wasn’t like this …
I start when I really find myself in the ugly and … place .
I really need to believe that I could and this second of amusement I can stop it and choose the better to myslef .

When you become so lost and addicted by something and you are really tired( not any tired specially when you are addict by something )
First of all you try to find a medicine
Second in rest times (when you are ready to confronting your mistakes, your mind will start to find what is primal to you, god , your family, your work, your study, and everything that connects you with life and makes your steadfastness and strength in it so that you elevate your spirit to a higher position with god )
I do not mean to abolish god , but I am talking about what happened to me, for god is the only source of strength and safety, and if it loses its meaning within anyone, life will lose its meaning.

Stay appreciate every second every breath in your life .


I started because it is a sin
When i read about porn and masturbation i was actually surprised that there are other reasons to stop!!
And when i found that i suffer from almost all the side effects of porn it helped me alot to start this journey


Yes I’m a Christian since birth I want to be the best for god but keep failing.i always feel guilt and shame but I know that with god ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.god helped me before I quit masterbation for 12 months but relapsed and fell back in.i know he can help me again.


I started nofap for self development and to be able to control my own mind. Let’s me one thing that when you are on higher streak,you naturally tend to gravitated toward spirituality as it’s now happening with me. I have become more spiritual than ever before


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