Did you know that sex is sacred energy exchange?


Every interaction you have with your significant other can be a form of ‘sex’

Beginning with the energy you put out to her during the day,
The long eye contact you hold
The slow resting of the hands on their hips

All is a rising crescendo and a mixing of the beautiful energies that the feminine and masculine have

It Doesn’t necessarily have to be the physical act itself.

This is also one of the benefits of semen retention - when you remove the outcome based ‘end’ of sex of the male orgasm…

You can extend the period of sex - it becomes more about being in the moment, and engaging with the pleasure rather than simply being a race to the guy busting.

Additionally, with extended semen retention, you ‘gain access’ to higher levels of arousal, and thus higher levels of sexual energy which you can communicate through physicality to your girl. This brings your level of bonding to another level that isn’t achieved if you bust very often.

Every part of the experience becomes much more intense this way.

Concidentally, when you exist more in moment and the individual movements rather than the end - this is usually when it feels better for the girl - who are generally much more energetically tuned in to the act of sex by their nature.

Girls can reach those upper levels of energy without ANY physical contact, if you know what mental and energetic buttons to press.

Try and feel/visualise the energy coursing through you during sex and manipulate that to mix with your girl’s energy fields - See it surging from the bottom of your spine to the crown of your head, even meditate while in this mind state and I guarantee you it will feel much more intense than you’ve felt before.

When you have sex in this energetic state, you can feel fully sexually satisfied without orgasm as the guy - but still retain that masculine energy and drive from not ejaculating.

Rather than being a mountain to climb. where you are always looking forward to the summit; sex becomes a cruise down a river - which can still have some sections of ‘rapids’, but ultimately is an enjoyable experience the whole time.

Sexual Energy Can be POWERFUL. Make it so.