Did I recover? What is this?

Guys something weird is happening… Maybe it’s a sign of total recovery? I don’t know… So after 90days of nofap hardmode I started to have better and more erections… The thing is I’m at day 106 and the last 5 days were hard😂literally😂 I might had 15-20 100% strong solid erections a day, I walked and I had one, I woke up and I had one, I trained and I hadone… It’s the first time something like this is happening to me… It’s like I’m hitting puberty again and I’m 20 years old… Is it a sign of healing? Of my lost libido? Is my sex drive working again?, I hope it lasts and is not a placebo because I Talk to a good girl too and it might have a cause in this.


This has happened to me too. I’m day 108 and the past few weeks have also been the hardest. Boners and urges have intensified big time.
A guy in another topic shared the below which I thought was interesting…

"Harder days also come when a person has crossed many days… like 45 or 90 days…

Because by that time… the libido of our body returns to normal and our sex hormones and organs function normally after following nofap.

This results in random erections and precums…
People consider these as urges and eventually relapse…
Know that these signs(erections and precums after following nofap) are of your body organs and hormones getting back to normal state like how it should be…(not the one which we had of high dopamine state)
These signs means your body has been recovered much now which was damaged by PMO.

Don’t consider these as urges and relapse. Consider these as good signs of your body and know that your body got normal because you followed nofap. And so you have to keep following your nofap journey."


Thank you for replying sir! Um that means that this is my normal libido? I mean it’s awesome! I can live with having so much erections rather tham having problems. I feel like I’m a real teenager! This my real libido or will it subside? No! I don’t have no intention of touching my penis! This gave me extra ordinary will power and I already had enough! But there is a lot of precum though


May I ask?

Do you also excercise/workout along with your nofap journey?

or having a diet?


I’m definitely not an expert in this field and I definitely haven’t made it that far, but it does sound like those are all good signs of your body finishing up its reset. I’m guessing maybe the initial reactions will subside a bit, but not completely, I also don’t think you have anything to worry about health-wise if that was a question


Yes, 6/7 a week 2 hours. I’m a wrestler and yew I have a diet too but to gain more weight


Do you have a lot of precum? Like it’s going crazy… For every erection there ia a ton of precum. Also masturbation is a long gone habit, even If I’m horny I want the real thing and not masturbtaion or porn, not even one erections made me want to fap


Kudos to you for reching this much💪
Keep going and never look back again😎


yes it appears so @niklaus you are really on the path to recovery. people who really recovered say the same things on forums. but, you must never go back buddy. happy for you, hope i hit it too.
edit: im pretty sure precum is normal if you don’t stimulate yourself.

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Not really much precum for me, just really solid wood and big urges all the time, mostly in the past 2 weeks. Before that I had 2 months of barely any urges and was sweet as.
But now, all of a sudden I’m keen to fap one off again…even last night I woke up at 3am and was subconscious going at it until I realised what I was doing, got up and walked it off. Super frustrating, feel like im trying to get through week one of NF again. Ha


I never stimulate myself… Just talking to this girl that I’m going out on a date. You will succeed brother I’m sure you will!!!

Understand brother, just think what will happen if you fap again. If your will power and reason is bigger than fapping then you’ll succeed

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