Did i fail ? My jee score is 92 percentile

I am jee 2020 aspirant and i have scored 92 percentile in january attempt and 951 marks out of 1000 in board.

Im not getting a good rank in viteee, srmjeee, sastra. Even i wont get good rank in mains next attempt. I lost complete hope. Im getting loser thoughts(suicidal) but i know its stupid and cowardly. I love science, am i a loser , cant i deserve good quality studies ?

I feel im failed.

You never fail bro…
This is not a place for this but let me tell you if you still manage to get around 120 in next attempt which should be possible as you already spend 3-4 months preparing than you can get many gov. Funded colleges .

Also don’t lose yet , tell your father what you feel about.

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