Diary of a man and a new life

Day 0

We begin, a new path to get out of this hell.

I am a 38 year old, married and with 2 small children. This demon is stealing my energy, time of life, love for my wife … and many other things.

Enough, we start again.

Day 0, app reset and good intentions:

  • go to bed early
  • read more
  • devote myself to other passions such as videogames
  • starting a diet
  • engage more in my work

Thanks to those who want to follow me on this new path …


I used to think that this habit of PMO is restricted to only bachelors. Now I realized how bad and addictive is this shit is. You are married now and still can’t get out of PMO. You have gotten the love of your life and can have sex with your wife as much as you want but still you are hooked into pixel women it’s sad to see


You can do it man. I promised myself unless I quit PMO I am not going to marry. You remind me my future ME.
Wishing you all the best :slight_smile:


Unfortunately it has nothing to do with it … even if you have the woman you are comfortable with at home, you don’t know how many evenings you spend on the PC, how many nights in bed late or how many days at work you spend watching porn and ruining yourself …


Thanks so much for your support!



Everything ok, I feel good, full of positivity and good intentions.

Today was not difficult at all, I worked peacefully, it was a quiet day at work and with the family.

I don’t think about porn and I don’t have any kind of temptation … let’s hope it continues like this!



Everything is going well and the distance from porn doesn’t weigh on me.

These beautiful spring days and the fact that I am so busy at work helped me.

I am fine with my wife and children, I am maintaining the good habit of reading, going to bed early and eating a healthy diet.

For the moment there is no risk of relapse.

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Today is a bit difficult day, I already have impulses and thoughts related to sex and then today I had a photo shoot with a very attractive girl and obviously having her close by and looking at her in photos I got slightly excited.

I’m trying to distract the thought but the impulses are there.

I haven’t touched myself, I just have thoughts every now and then …

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