Diary: Hoping this works

Day 0: Well, I finally decided to commit.

I have been feeling the effects of PMO addiction for a few years now but nothing that was worth worrying over, that is until covid happened. After lock-down, I have found myself masturbating more and more, raising the bar as time progressed. The symptoms that I paid little to no attention to; Slight tiredness, some brain fog, a little desensitized, have evolved into exhaustion, guilt, and insomnia. Furthermore, it is frustrating realizing that you spent 2 hours in the day masturbating.

Anyway, it’s been around 11 hours since my last wank. It’s early morning, and I have not slept yet. I will try to log my progress in this diary everyday. If you find yourself reading this and I havent posted in a few days please tell me to get my shit back on track :laughing:



I’m waiting,
I like the idea, ill be posting on my diary daily as well :slight_smile:

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Day 1-2: So far not bad, getting urges but they are fairly easy to control.

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