Dhr3005 [23 M] 's Diary

Hey Everyone,
Starting this diary to record my daily events of learning and self improvement and to also serve as an accountability tool

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15 Jun
Woke up early as I had a work meeting in the morning
Work was a little challenging and I enjoyed it as usual.
Every day I’m reminded of how grateful i am to do something I love everyday
As usual, set out to exercise at 5:30, played some football till 6 and then some full body exercises… I have decided to perform 30 push-ups every day, and was successful in doing them

Coming to good habits, I want to start meditating, affirmations and visualizations regularly… I will definitely accomplish them tomorrow

At night I had a huge urge but luckily I averted it… Maybe mediation can help me fight urges better


16 Jun
Woke up at my usual time. Last night I started the book Atomic Habits, in which the importance of doing small and incremental 1% changes to our life is mentioned and how with those changes we can improve ourselves. So as soon as I got up, I made the bed, folded my sheets and arranged them properly which I never do. Work was the usual. Couldn’t play more today as it was heavily raining today
Even today I didn’t mediate. Hopefully I will by the time I sleep…
Started a new habit of preparing daily for better opportunities for my career
Always grateful to be sober


June 17
Woke up at my usual time and made the bed as my 1% improvement for the day… Im finding atomic habits book very interesting and there is an interesting concept of not setting goals which I think will be useful to fight this PMO addiction… I’ll be sharing that details shortly
I found this app called Simple Habit which has short meditations like 5mins and has a lot of categories… I found it very helpful to meditate
I hit 7 days today after my relapse and it was way harder than my first attempt… Dont edge and don’t relapse
Always grateful to be sober

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Good luck

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Was extremely busy with work so couldn’t update for yesterday and the day before

I’ll try to be more proactive here

02 July
New Month… New time to shine and face our problems and obstacles…
I commit to a porn free July and to also share everything that I do inorder to achieve that here every day
Let’s do this
Stay Sober… Stay awesome

02 July
Today marks the 2 year anniversary of my Current Job… I’m so grateful to have as a job something that I love to do and have a passion for it
This month I have taken a different approach towards dealing with our addiction
Instead of worrying about streaks I have decided to take it one day at a time… Not worried about the past… Not anxious about the future… Just today… This way I can fully be mindful of the present and i think this can be helpful
I have been reading this book called atomic habits and it is awesome… If you want to get more insight into how habits wokr, what they are its a must read

Also if you want guidance I have been listening to this podcast called porn free : https://pca.st/podcast/1562acd0-c130-0131-2606-723c91aeae46 and It has been proven very helpful as well
The guy has like 4 or 5 years of nofap and is super helpful

Stay Sober…