Desperate times

I’ve noticed something. I feel shit/desperate so I look at porn then I feel even more shit and when I go out to social functions I’ve been acting more desperate around girls lately and I think it’s the porn effect. I’ve been failing more and acting more bloody desperate and of course it’s a massive turnoff for women then this feeds the desperation and loneliness and despair. Then I’m more likely to fail over the next few days following this disappointment which feeds the damn rejection issues I have. A vicious cycle.
You can’t pretend to not be socially anxious or positive or confident when you have porn induced insecurity. I tried imagining how I felt on my 23 day streak no doesn’t work.
Sad times I’ve got to sort this out. I have a plan of action it’s just implementing it now.


You are a brave man… lets do it again.


Whatever you do, never give up because our greatest success lies in our ability to try just one more time :blush:

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Keep going brother, you can make it out!

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