Depression due to shrinkage in size

Guyz, it’s been 5 days since I have started my journey. But what I am seeing unusual is the shrinkage in size of my di** . So just wanted to know is it normal?? How much days will it take to cure this or become normal??

My longest no fap is is 72 days. So i will share crucial information that led me to many relapses. To answer your question, it is quite normal to feel different down there in the start. In some time you may even start feeling that your attraction towards girls is gone. Some days you may feel like tired and not waking up at all and it may last for a long time for like a week or two. Your brain will question your ability to jerk off because it is addicted and it is just to lure you in a dopamine trap of masturbation. Whatever you are feeling is just part of the journey. Don’t peek or don’t masturbate to check that if your pp works or not or has the habit gone because believe me, I have been there done that. At the end it will not be worth it. Go watch a video on no fap cycle on you tube. There a guy with a white board and marker will explain different phases of no fap. So to conclude it is quite normal to feel anxious and depressed because our p’s are important. But it is just a process and your are fine.


Bro it’s absolutely fine. You’ll see the actual results when you’ll have real sex until then… just forget everything and focus on yourself and your lifestyle


do you watch a show called altered carbon? Practice pretending you’re inside a meat sac full of various excrements. its when you identify with your body that the suffering begins, but luckily its a choice.


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