Depression and pmo

I don’t know how many of you have experienced long term chronical depression and how much do you pmo. But I think they are connected directly. I’m struggling with it and to let those who are free of it know it’s a strong pain. Unfortunately I’m far away from being a person who loves to share the pain. Especially with parents. I think that you can feel these words too. And for a lot of reasons I don’t make money yet, so I never attended to a therapist and never asked my parents to help me.
I started to think this way: let’s suppose that depression is not even heard by anybody and that there are no therapists at all. So what can I do to live? Of course before thinking like these I was thinking how NOT to live. But I examined the thoughts and I got to a conclusion that however bad, sad, lonely, thrown away I feel, dying is not a solution.
So there should be a reason that I feel depressed. I’m not asking why it happened, I’m asking how it happened. And you can help me understand if this is caused by pmo or something else. In fact I’ve reached a week of nofap, which is an achievement for me and I’m going to celebrate it. For me as a depressed person even celebrating needs some strength. But I’ll push. So, I feel easier after a week. And again, I want to understand if pmo created this and no pmo cures it, or the origin is different and pmo just eases it.
Just tell me about the connection between pmo and depression in your experience.


I don’t know if pmo is the cause of your depression but I’m sure that the addiction can be a huge danger and act aggravating symptoms. I suffered for about two years with depressive anxiety disorder I don’t know the exact name, it’s a free translation. During this period I took some medicines and was feeling really good but relapsing was something that it seemed that brought me to the same place i was in before, it is really difficult to explain. In my case pornography caused several damages in my brain and there’s no way to just be fine ignoring that we need to face this. Since I have reached streaks like more than a year I don’t use to celebrate it and in general I don’t celebrate anything, it seems that I have much expectations about myself in several aspects of my life, and that’s good but there are also bad aspects. If in your case you believe the main cause is related to pmo you know how to deal with it, keep doing your best even when nothing is really making sense, medication and keeping a diary, private or even here in forum might help you. All the best with your journey.


No we are the solution …
I have reached the same conclusion that you reached, and it is useless to go to a therapist, nor is it useful for my family to talk to them, and I do not have money. Believe me, I understand your feeling of confusion and depression, but I believe that you are the solution…

Be ready to change this :muscle:

If you believe and work on what you want to achieve in your life, you are just stuck watching porn, and this is not easy. Focus on staying away from watching these delusional scenes of the mind, focusing on what is holding you back like money. I advise you to watch motivational videos (as you like) and start from now. You are strong enough to start and take new steps to your life .


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