Depression and PMO. Please advise

I’m not sure if this should go under need advice or general discussion…

But anyways I would really appreciate some feedback on this question I have. ‘Someone’ has been telling me a lot lately that I have depression, and I need to take medication for it…

But I feel like it is because of porn. Some of the ‘happiest’ sections of my life have been when I was relapsing just enough to feel satisfied, but I was getting numb to the guilt.

The truly happy times of my life have been when I go months without relapsing.

The problem is, the gap in between, the miserable times of my life, the times when I’m trying my best to stop but still relapsing every few days. My experience has been that the harder I fight against PMO urges, the more depressed I feel. Its like I’m having withdrawals. That gets worse for a while, but eventually it starts to clear up and life generally feels happier again. (Almost like I “re-wire” :wink:)

Okay but really, have any of you had similar experiences? I have talked with a doctor before, but I need the answer of someone who really understands what that feels like.

Do any of you feel like you have withdrawals, or get depressed as you quit PMO, until your brain has a chance to heal?

Thank you all.


Bro that depression, feeling of lacking something, moody and painful situation is what most people here call flatline. I have been through it as well. Even now also Iam going through it even though as not severe as before.
But the truth is, as the easypeasy author says, pmo has only a small withdrawal effect. The actual feeling of withdrawal by pmo is just that something is missing, some uncomfortable feeling, a small pain in head etc.
But it is us who make things worse by thinking about pmo, by considering our life getting miserable, by believing that next 2-3 months will be filled with extreme depression etc. The best thing you can do is be very disciplined. Never sleep in the morning. Wake up at 5, do meditation for atleast 15-20 minutes per day, do yoga, workout, talk with friends etc
Provide as much natural dopamine as you can. But still hard feelings will come. The closed dopamine receptors must open up, right? Also we have been providing high amount of dopamine constantly to the brain, suddenly when it gets stopped its natural for it to revolt.
If you stay disciplined, focus on work, your passion, exercise, have good conversation with family, walk in nature etc you can reduce it to a large extent. This is my take on it bro.
But if you stay stagnant, just waiting for the brain to get rewired situation will be extremely hard and as you may know, we will relapse


Thanks, that makes a ton of sense about flatline.
I read people talking about it all the time but I thought they were referring to something else; I know in weightlifting its called a plateu. When you keep exercising but your body stops getting stronger.

I feel kind of silly not knowing what it actually means after over a year in the forum, but I guess better late than never. Now that I have that context correct I can read more about what others have said on the forum.

Thank you much for your response.


That is an interesting way of looking at it that I hadn’t thought of before.

Thank you for your response and advice.


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