Depression and nofap

I don’t see the point of all of it anymore.Now I’m in a 6 days streak and I don’t fell any better. Suicidal thoughs come frequently and I’m no longer happy

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6 day streak and depression, surely that’s a reason not to quit.
Please please hang in there.

What’s been your highest streak, and what’s been motivating you?

I’m wishing you well man, and I’m concerned about your feelings. I don’t want to take them lightly, but I’ve often felt suicidal, finding no point in anything, having no hope and a fear that I’m ultimately doomed.
But these are all ideas, not reality!
Please feel free to message me bro

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My highest streak was about 17 days but I don’t fell like I’m getting out of all this shit hole.I feelse such an urgent to face but I know that if I do it my depression will get worse.

It’s not only about not fapping. (even though this is often implied here in the forum :sweat_smile: )
The goal shouldn’t be to simply not fap but to handle the daily negative emotions in a better way than to push them a way and fap your brain out.

If you have severe mental issues and you are now cutting out the way you treated them, then you will suddenly have to treat them on your own.

I would suggest you in your situation to mainly focus on improving yourself. Don’t see nofap as the current goal but to feel better about your life. Reduce the porn consumption and once you have treated your problems you can remove porn completely (i’m not saying that porn is good for you, but that it doesn’t make sense to focus your whole willpower on nofap and on the other hand forgetting the mental aspects.)


@VinnieBoy Sorry to hear you’re battling bro… what’s your story man? Like age, job, interests etc. Let’s work through this… you can do it brother.


Just my honest opinion. I may get some flack for this.Please don’t masturbate but it is essential to get some kind of human physical contact soon.I’d recommend massage therapy or a prostitute if there are no other options available soon.It will help stabilize your psychological state making you less suicidal.Don’t let it become an addiction though.

if you feel suicidal i can really only recommand you to go to a doctor. Do a therapy and use medication. there are synthetic drugs but also plant based medications which can help a lot.

it is of no use to try to get out on your own

I’m 19, and currently I’m trying to pass to some public courses but I’m struggling with it. I don’t have a Gf or any kind of human contact like man and woman.

@VinnieBoy try to find human contact. If possible, call someone or video chat with them.

If the suicidal thoughts are consistent, look for a psychiatrist who can give you depression medication. I’ve had such severe depression I struggled with a reason to live.

Hope you get better and stay connected to us. We want you to let us know when you’re feeling better.

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Being not in your physical presence we can only help you through this medium, but please do let us know how we can support you, or what questions you want answers to.

You have shared that it has been only six says since you restarted nofap - I believe it takes longer to normalize your mood and you could still be in the withdrawal phase - so just wait it out and know that the negative thoughts may occupy your mind till you regain energy and start thinking more clearly. Just wait out those thoughts till they lose their energy. One more thing - please seek supportive company and disclose your situation as much as you can. There is no need to be ashamed or feel embarrassment - you have to take care of your interest. Seek out a therapist if possible, or search for real-time online support.

And don’t depend only on nofap as a means of recovering from your depression - channel your energy towards something that can occupy you.

I hate to be brutal - but pull yourself together man! You are 19 for f**ks sake!

I think counting days and feeling shit because of relapses is bull!

The fact you are here is amazing in itself.
19 year old me is sooooo distant, I only really started addressing my porn use in my late 20’s.

There’s some awesome info here, especially from @neveragaintw - Truly wise, awesome, mature, supportive dudes here that have helped me loads, just by sharing their experiences.

When I was 19 I was jerking everyday,
sometimes twice, thrice or just all day long.
I even got a blisters on my piece for doing it so much.
Using the hoover, stealing underwear, sex chat lines, doing it in public, even got into sexual activity with my mate because we were both just horny asf - neither of us were/are gay btw.

What you are doing is counter-cultural, it’s not surprising it feels tough.
And you should be extremely proud of yourself!!!
Even when you fail but still come back.
Struggling means you are actually fighting it.

I pray you don’t beat yourself up, and are able to say; “no, I don’t need these negative thoughts and grand ideas, they are not serving me at the moment”
Let the truth unfold in time. Just keep getting up, because that’s what the adversary (our negative mind) hates most of all - Us getting stronger and stronger, wiser and wiser!


Thank you guys, really. I’m in a such a fucked up situation evolving my parents that I don’t feel happy at all. Sometimes I find alternative ways to try coping with pain but they don’t work for to long. I’ll try to hold on.

@VinnieBoy hey dude… well done for saying youre in a fucked up situation, not that you are a fuck up. I get that life is super tough at times dude. I work a recovery program one of the things that really help is too express yourself honestly, so long as it’s in a safe forum. People might be harsh, like @anon67854825 , but that’s out of your control. But honestly, I think you should express yourself, tell us what’s happening in your family life, getting that off your chest will help a shit tonne man… trust me.


My father had a arguing with my mother about a month and a half and my father is doing so many wrong things that I can’t even describe.One of the shitiest things that he has done and he does not admit is that he watched porn with Animals. Like… Wtf?! He is so harsh with me and still thinking that being like that is the way man should threat men.

I wish I could support you man!
(please flag this, if it’s inappropriate)

When my parents were going through a break up, when I was 16, my dad used to smash stuff in the house.
He’d become overly and dangerously religious,
He’d tear up my mum’s spiritual books and change the titles from “book of love” to “book of evil” and that kind of stuff.
He used to pressure me to go to church with him and all that crap, and there were always arguments, mum crying and all.

Then divorce came and was told I was going to live with my Mum - even though I didn’t like my Dad then - I had to imagine not living with him, and was sad about it, but worked that reality into my head, and then to be told all of a sudden, they decided I had to live with my Dad… Making me start working on the reality of not living with my Mum. It was very draining on me, and very shitty, but that was so long ago now.
My Dad went through a real crap time in life for a few years, as did my Mum.

But we’ve come out on the otherside, and Love my Dad very much.

But you know what, People aren’t perfect, and people can change for good or bad.

The worst of people need Love and support the most, because they are the ones going through hell - I’d hate to be a true a*hole towards people.

It is totally crap for the innocent people,
and wish I could give you some consolation and practical advise, but I can only say don’t hate, you will get through this and look back in years to come.

Maybe you should stand up to your Dad,
maybe you shouldn’t.
Maybe you need to show him and your Mum lots of Love.
Do something different, do something out of the ordinary.

Just want you to know you’re not alone.
I bet there’s loads of crazy stories here from others.
Always wishing you well bro

*Keep seeking advise and being honest with your feelings!