Definition help: edging

Edging: what is it? What is your definition of it, and can I have examples?

I’m not sure but I think it’s masturbating with not ejaculation, but it’s masturbation so don’t do it

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Edging is when you start to feel free pleasure by rubbing your meat

Stimulating your meat with your hand, but without O.

in my opinion it’s not only masturbation. you can also have edging sex.
-> sex without O (which i wouldn’t recommand either)

Edging means using your penis without having an orgasm.

For me it’s basically not stroking your dick in way that causes pleasure. You see or imagine a hot girl and you get hard. That’s fine. But don’t stroke it. Even a for a little bit. Remember you want to stop completely. It’s fine to touch if you want to it or adjust your foreskin or something. Just don’t stroke it for a while.

Also don’t purposely turn yourself on by dirty talking with girls online

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But I don’t lose benefits while playing my ding dong. I still feel energetic and even feel pleasure.

Edging is essentially stimulating yourself to the point of ejaculation without ejaculating. It essentially helps in seperating orgasm from ejaculation. In normal circumstances they happen at the same time. Once you learn how to seperate you can orgasm a few times without coming. When you have sex it’ll help you last longer as you don’t come. Hope this helps.

Below link might help