Decline of masculinity and this forum

I seen many of the post around my career and I observed and concluded that this site is not for the ones who want to be best version but rather a social media type environment like Facebook where people are just doing nothing but talking all bullshit and telling every personal details and showing too much emotions.

As feminism rose to power, we men somehow become feminine as well - giving too much powers to women and being very emotional resulting into indulgence in porn or losing their virginity before marriage or most dirtiest of thing they can do.

I will not say that I didn’t take help from a woman in this forum but it too didn’t help me out and personally thing that men and women should be segregated in this forum otherwise a major catastrophe is knocking to our doorsteps.

Leaving this forum helped me a lot Alhamdulillah. I reflected myself that what I have wasted for a long time in this forum. Even after writing this i believe they are people who will show me sympathy or criticise me Allahu Alam.** I don’t care ** you all people are weak to even go to longer distances in this journey. You lost your very thing that proves your identity - masculinity. Just for showing remorse that how patriarchal our society is a shame to the ones who are saying it because they don’t know the beauty of masculinity inside a male. Even if you be too nice to girls they will not like you. They will only like people who are masculine not feminine like you people. Even if you not trying to woo you still lose the battle because you lost masculinity in the process.

Not even one talks about self improvement thing in this forum, just talk about fucking challenges, fucking days, fucking one girl is liking or not or fucking “i don’t got morning wood” bullshit. Even not one of you now talks about some research. Just some superpower you people brag and delusion the newcomers. Grow up you fools and fight.


I’m confused. I didn’t understand half of what you said. So are you suggesting that men and women should be separated in this forum? Or do you mean in real life? And how would you like us to act on the forum? Are you saying we should all leave? I mean some people have genuine questions about “morning wood” and such, and I do think people should just use the search bar, but if they make a post they should still get an answer. So I guess my question is simply: How would you like this forum to be run, and how should people live their lives?

I’d appreciate your answer and a little kindness, because you came off a little rude before and I know you don’t care, but that’a not an excuse.


I’m sorry, I really tried to understand what you were trying to say but I couldn’t.

I can give one of my own opinion about ‘masculinity’ and that is to have the bravery (like a man if you wish) to show your weakest points to someone (preferably someone you trust) rather than calling people out with labels that are not productive.

Also, I think, challenging one’s beliefs and values is another form of ‘masculinity’.

I think we have to be very careful how we define this word, because sometimes, it tends to be the nuance of, “I’m built different” (stronger than everyone else)


Oh man I’m so sorry for you :rofl::rofl::rofl: all this masculinity sh*t you write is such a BS

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