Dear future me.. (A personal reflection)

Dear future me,

Hey man. I know you’re on a higher streak right now and you don’t have time to read this because you’re living your life to the fullest, but at least try… I’m sure that after about 10 days you will begin to wonder if you miss fapping and porn. And you want to relapse… Shut the absolute hell up you fool!! Don’t even think about relapsing! Because what you didn’t know is that after that pleasure and feeling good for a while, reality catches up to you! And you fall into chaser effect and your brain wants more and you found out that this isn’t what you really wanted!! And then comes the guilt and shame and headaches that you so stupidly forgot about. And the demotivation… Because of your own selfish desires… So I’m just saying that the next time you feel an urge you come back here and you can remember what it felt like to relapse… And what you would go through if you relapsed… The good days are ahead of you!! Just gotta run through the urges… It’s up to you man! Is it really worth it?



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