Dealing with depression

Hi there, well, I’ve been diagnosed with a depressive/anxious dessorder last week, I’ve been on meds for 7 days now…
Just wanted to know if you guys had any advice for how to deal with it while doing no fap…
Anything will do, even some kind or encouraging words…

I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. To avoid depression I cut off negative thoughts. To be happy with nofap I cut off fantasies.

If you can run, run a little. If not running :running_man:, try walking. I had depression for like 3 weeks and it seemed like nothing helped but chores and Journaling were some things I found that lifted my mood.

I can’t stay up too late, no alcohol, and very little junk food help me keep a good mood during nofap.

Last but not least, laughter :smile: helps everything in life.


Thank you for the advice :blush:

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Make some good habbit fresh food, yoga or some sports if possible team sport. Avoid any kind of addiction.

I am taking anti depression drugs/medicines from pschatrist from last 8 yrs. So i am the perfect man who can guide you here.

We are mentaly & physicaly ill, The root cause of our mental degradation is excessive Orgasm, porn is equaly harmful

These medicines will make you sleep all the time. At first you will feel good after taking them. But then you will become like any other drug Addict. They can cause other diseases also. Like i developed cervical dystonia after 2 years of taking them. :skull_and_crossbones:

i recommend you to quit them as soon as possible by tapering down the dose each week. Once you complete a month of nofap on hard mode You will no longer need any medical help

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I agree, medication is not there to heal you. It should give you time and the possibility to get a therapy and heal.

I was diagnosed for major depression 6 years ago and took medication (serotonin reuptake inhibitor) for about 2 years.
parallel to that I had a psychotherapy for 4 years (1hr each two weeks at the beginning)

I feel like both, depression and anxious disorder should be treated as a disease and should be taken serious.
I personally know that I wouldn’t have been able to heal without psychotherapy. So, I highly recommend that.
Depending on the medication, don’t forget to measure your blood values on a regular base. They can really mess up your liver. Do that at least every 6 months (some doctors forget to mention that)

I always stayed on the lowest medication dose as possible. But you will feel which dose is the right for you.

The important thing:
Both are things that you can cure. But you need to work on it. They won’t just disappear (at least in my case :sweat_smile:. And I guess that is the normal case)
You have to figure out where it is coming from, what the problems are and how you can work on it. There is no single strategy fitting for every person. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a need for Psychotherapists :smile:

Same with pmo. it can be a part of the cause but it doens’t have to. In my case, my depression was completely independent of pmo. I got completely cured of my depression without being on nofap. My recommendation: Your disorders have the first priority (since depending on the degree, they can be life-threatening or can destroy all the joy in your life). If nofap helps you doing it then go for it. If you feel that you can’t divide your energy for doing both, decide for your disorders and maybe try to get solid 2 - 3 day nofap streaks running.

You can do it buddy

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