Dealing with depression



Hi there, well, I’ve been diagnosed with a depressive/anxious dessorder last week, I’ve been on meds for 7 days now…
Just wanted to know if you guys had any advice for how to deal with it while doing no fap…
Anything will do, even some kind or encouraging words…


I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. To avoid depression I cut off negative thoughts. To be happy with nofap I cut off fantasies.

If you can run, run a little. If not running :running_man:, try walking. I had depression for like 3 weeks and it seemed like nothing helped but chores and Journaling were some things I found that lifted my mood.

I can’t stay up too late, no alcohol, and very little junk food help me keep a good mood during nofap.

Last but not least, laughter :smile: helps everything in life.


Thank you for the advice :blush:


Make some good habbit fresh food, yoga or some sports if possible team sport. Avoid any kind of addiction.