Dealing with blue balls that last for days? Is this normal?

Hey all, just started here and my efforts were going great, but on day 5 I woke up with the worst case of blue balls I’d ever experienced. Extreme ache all around the area and a constant ache/pain feeling in my gut. I tried some of the tips I found online (excercise, cold bath, cold compress) but it was there to stay. I Lasted about 13 hours before I gave in (which was also quite painful). Again, a few days later I get them and give in after a few hours.

Is it normal to experience these effects for an entire day? Most resources I read online say they should clear up after a few hours at most. I known that blue balls aren’t supposed to be dangerous, but I panicked after an entire day of pain and seeing the veins on my balls looking like they were about to burst open. Is there anyone else out there who has dealt with this as it is really blocking my progress and worrying me that something might be wrong down there.

Also, to be clear I wasn’t edging at all though I was mildly aroused a couple of times throughout the day before.

  • peak,soft porn, imagination or something that give u pleasure will lead to blue balls

-if u see any white leakage on ur penis than that is a warning to u to stop or u will have heavy blue balls

  • so my advice for first 200 days just avoid that fake pleasure.

Simple step to “reduce” pain

  1. lay down on the bed

  2. put hot massage oil on ur stomach

  3. wet dreams (if u r lucky)

  4. bath with cold water

  5. fapping hahaha i know people will mad at me but yeah fap will reduce almost 100% pain u know because that why it is, this shit cant come out

  6. dont peak lol

  7. sex ofcourse

  • sometime it will gone after hours and sometime days so stay strong just dont fap or have some shit imagination or see any erotic content

hehe thats it wish u the best of luck brother!

  • one more things, if u have really hard heavy balls i mean that 1 u cant stand please go see ur doctor, sorry for saying this but its has something to do with cancer prostate but dont worry as long as u act fast it wont be a problem
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nope there is million with u and there is a things u should really avoid it completely or reduce it to 60-70%

1- dont drink ice water

2- dont eat brinjal

3- dont eat something that will give u much “wind” inside ur body *idk what it is call in english

4- stop wearing tight spender/boxer or sleep with them, just use if u want to go out

For me, the one really trigger me is drink ice water and wearing tight spender, now after watch some erotic content or whatever i still get it but its just like 10% of that pain. so yeah i may be wrong, because that is what my personal massage (for this kind of sick) tell me to avoid and yeah its work for me so maybe u can try it too!!!

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I agree it helps a lot

Thanks for the advice guys. Currently on day 3 since I last relapsed (Entirely due to blue balls) and I’ve got them again. I’m feeling a bit paranoid now. The balls seem a bit heavy and are extremely sensitive to touch. And I’ve got a pain that feels like it’s coming from the lower gut. Does that sound similar to other’s blue balls experiences?

I’m currently trying to excercise and apply cold compresses, hopefully I can make it to the end of the day and that this goes away by next morning. Is it any good if I only MO when I’m in pain? Will this become less frequent if I’m reducing how often I release? I’m trying to avoid arousal in every way possible but this seems to randomly happen every 3-5 days.

Thanks a lot for the advice, I get a bit paranoid with this stuff, but I honestly think I could kick this habit if it weren’t for the pain and the feeling that I’m damaging something down there by not releasing :slightly_frowning_face:

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maybe go try see ur doctor first if its come randomly, because for me its never come random just after i got horny for too long because i watch like western movie or anime that kinda pfft hahhaha.

yeah its normal to have pain in there

and this like i say if it is too much for u to take maybe u should really need a doctor, there is medicine u can take to recover from that pain without fap, my advice is tackle that before its too late and there is no need to shame about because this case is normal among doctors so yeah chill

idk about this anymore sir this is the far that i can help u or maybe u should refer to more experienced people and stop googling that shit it wont help u out only give u more anxiety

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