This will be my first day.
I’ve been wanting to stop fapping long before, unfortunately, I kept losing.
That’s why when I discovered this app, I’ve decided to give it a try.

Let’s go Day 1!


I just relapsed and it feels sickening, I am starting once again, for better of for worse, this time I got to get to 90 days… support me bro


Yes. It’s good when we try to be better.
Let’s start with a clean slate this time!


Have a great day…


Here’s what I did today to start with a clean slate!
While I’m off to work yesterday, I started to determine things what trigger my urges.

The first thing the came to mind is, ofcoure, the internet. How fast can it be for us to dive into those sites!

I cleared those search and video history, removed those bookmarked pages, deleted those videos and pictures. I even uninstalled some apps

As for yesterday, I feel the urge is just there in the corner waiting for a perfect trigger moment.

I think I’ll be spending more here than instagram and facebook. It’s nice to read journals and diaries supporting and uplifting those companions in need.

This may be the first time, but it is better than doing nothing to improve one’s self.


End of Day 1

Today was nice. Got myself busy with some house cleaning! :grin:
The urge was low, there are temptations but I was able to stop myself.
I’ve read around here in the forum a tip which I think can work. He says to avoid touching down there unless needed.
This works for me since it is still sensitive to tiggers I really avoid touching down there without any reason.
I have spent less time on facebook, and I plan on reading more journals here instead.
Let’s go for Day 2!


End of Day 2

Woke up at 7:30 am today, made cleaning as a form of exercise. Afterwhich I had a shower at 11 am, read a few chapters of the book that’s been on my desk, and took a 30-min nap since I was not feeling well. I have clogged nose due to mild cold which makes me lousy so I already took medicine. I also need to drink more water today.

The urge was never there today.
I’ve read here in the forum that when you always think of something like “no to urge today” or “must not fap today” it usually end up doing it. Urge will come and just let it go. Never entertain. Never act on in.

It’s nice to read everyone’s tips and experiences here. It helps!

Off to Day 3!


Keep pushing brother! You are progressing!

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Make sure to have goals to work toward. Such as like building something or studying somethjt or learning a trade

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End of Day 3

Spent most time on bed today since I nead to rest my body because of mild cold, but I feel better than yesterday.

Since I spent most time on bed, I made sure to put my phone away from me in order to avoid unexpected triggers. Also, when I use my phone, i use it only for updates, and for this app.

I also see new accounts here who are on their Day 1 or on Day 3. I am with you!
Let’s go for 1 more day everyday!

Forward to Day 4! :sun_behind_large_cloud:

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End of Day 4

Small progress is still progress

:stopwatch: :stopwatch:

Going Day 5!

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