Days 2^n technique

I haven’t watched porn since January 2021 but I still often help myself with photos of faces of dressed women to fap. Over time I will have to get rid of the habit of helping me with photos and use only my imagination, which due to multimedia aids has been working less and less.

I’m trying the fap (no porn) days 2^n technique, which consists of doing nofap periods that double with each fap.

It is the only technique that is allowing me not to have long relapses and for now it is working.
My mood has increased and my emotions have also increased both in type and intensity.

This is my path traveled in this period:

1, 2, 4

And I plan to make it become:

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64
and after 64, I will do Nofap forever, breaking the pattern.

What do you think?

There is a loophole in your plan bro and that is when you relapse , your mind gets dopamine and the chain of dopamine detox breaks. Once your mind gets dopamine it will again and again force you to relapse to get the dopamine again. So try not to break your streak!

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Are you talking about the chaser effect?

Yes, I know what it is.

But a bit like other addictions, gradually reducing, the body and mind gradually get used to the Nofap lifestyle, without the violent effect of a drastic change.

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Have you read the easy peasy method book? It straightaway prohibits this technique.

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Found, thank you very much.

I ready Easy Peasy. It wasn’t helpful for me.