Day 99
Cravings, urges are on top
My mind is making illusions to me like just do it once and from new year I will start again
My no fap mates also have relapsed
I m at my highest streak I don’t know what to do now because I m feeling like I have to do relapse my mind is creating these illusions
Pls help if anyone…

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No no no…hold on…keep going…you will feel this is the best choice…

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When we quit, our brain is our enemy.

We want to quit and our brain doesn’t want us to quit.

But thing is, we should win, not our brain. Brain should listen to us but we shouldn’t listen to brain.

Also know this, whatever happens, doesnt matter how big the urges are, nothing worse is going to happen if you don’t fap. Nothing at all really. Yes an annoying irritating period, an unhappy period, but other than that nothing. So why not keep going when you know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Whatever ideas that your brain gives you, make sure you win, not your head. And yes your brain can handle any obstacle, it always figures things out. All it needs is time. It annoys you with ideas, make you feel like your whole world is crumbling down, you just stay strong, keep going, keep saying no, tell to it that no matter what happens, how much it troubles you, I will not relapse… One day your brain is going to break free of this dopamine cravings, and then you are free… No more weird thoughts, no more urges, you are just free, you dont even want to do PMO afterwards, you will just hate it. And the best part, you will love the way you are.


Bro @GOGETA stop kidding yourself.

Look at it this way: PMO has nothing to offer. A relapse will literally make you feel worse. The reason you are thinking “one peek” is a good idea, is because you are fooling yourself. Remember: one peek = a lifetime of addiction. Everyone who tells you otherwise, is just either fooling themselves and/or trying to fool you. Porn was trash in the past, is trash now and will forever be. You are not missing out on anything. Watching porn and having orgasms is no “superior” experience, just a foolish way to waste your time. Set your priorities straight, look at your current situation and realize that you have nothing to give up by quitting PMO but marvelous gains to make once you realize that you are free today!

Take care.