Day 963 - Nofap, thoughts and dreams

After mastering your thoughts for long enough you will no longer have sexual thoughts enter your mind. You dreams will not have any sexual content. Even wet dreams will be free of sex. My wet dreams are totally non sexual, it have woken up during many wet dreams. I have no erection, I have no pleasure or orgasm, excess sexual fluid simply flows out to reduce internal pressures, often there is no dream associated. If there is a dream it is not sexual. For example I had a wet dream last night, my dream was that I was asleep and having a non-sexual wet dream. I woke up soon after and I was not even erect.

After these non sexual wet dreams I feel the same like the day before
No chaser effect, no loss of energy.
I have regular wet dreams, non sexual wet dreams feel similar to urinating, but slightly different.


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