Day 952 joy, achievement, purity, bliss

Day 952 feeling blissful, energetic, calm but still there is a window that lust can dominate if i lose my consciousness .
It still attacks but attacking frequency is dramatically decreased.

towords Brahman


Are you on hard mode? And how is your libido, motivation and how long did flatline last for you?

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  1. I don’t know what’s your definition of hardmode,
    But yes am towords max possible pure & strict mode of brahmachrya .
    Definitely that may be the superset of your hard mode .
    2.flatline:- Definitely in initial days faltline is the most dangerous fatal challenge everyone has to overcome otherwise never think to do nofap celibacy
    And flatline length ,difficulty, suffering vary according to person’s past enjoyment lifestyle and all.
    In my case initial 90day was challenging especially 60 to 70days were the most like i cant explain ,
    Thanks to my boys mean friends true distance friends (those are in this path) they and my strong determination firm decision helped me to overcome those days.
    After that when you progress more less flatline u will face and they become negligible on more passing days ,
    But if you fail too keep your lifestyle in check well planned and close to plan implementation,
    My bro you gonna fail surely today or in coming days.
    ****One and only key to success here is mental purity and clarity
    (why r u doing this ) strength along with Good lifestyle ***

What about libido and sex drive?

Btw congrats on reaching 900+ days

Do you plan to do this your whole life?

Thanks for your appreciation.

When u r taking about hard mode of nofap,
There is no space for such question like sex and all
Definitely that increases but successful person knows how to control and where to use (only for procreation)
Believe me u will be even best when u decide to use your unused stuffs.

In my case after completing 900+ i don’t want to lose my precious energy at any case .
Because it is giving me eternal bliss every passing second that nothing mean nothing can give even s** with the world’s prettiest :sparkles:. I will reject that offer at very second.
For future i Don’t want to marry if for any circumstance am getting into it i will do s** for only procreation.


Most important thing,
this is not everyone’s cup of tea

If someone has Great selfless :star2: or even selfish but very big goal to achieve they should.
Otherwise enjoy yourlife don’t enter into this

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