Day 90 is a just number

I’m Ravitej from India. I am 18 year old. Here is my story what exactly happened last 4 years.
I was introduced to porn at the age 8 by my own brothers friend.I used to watch porn when ever i feel to watch .I was 8th standard when I had my first wetdreams & learnt fapping I fap every weekend or when I am alone at home while watching porn & masturbation together. It became a habit till I reach 10th.i really ignorant about its harmful effects. Sometimes I did 6 times a day & I consider that as a achievements
PMO effects on me 3 years
I spend all my time on games
I walk as robot
My body posture was worst as shit
I felt that small pleasures are for kids but its not you know
Acne are all over face
Poor hygiene
I was wishing that i should be a girl when I grow up I change my gender it’s embarrassing but it’s true
I give up easily
I eat unhealthy
I was very immature because I act like that
I feel no emotions
I procastinate a lot and go with the flow
I was the most absent student during 8th to 10th
luckily I enjoy reading new things so I got good marks. I spent a lot of hours social media

I was interested in self improvement
I started workout and after workout I fap as a reward but the fuck was I saw no results even after a year which I started in 2017 dec.

That day finally came when I discovered nofap on August 5 on which lasted 21 days on hard mode.
14 days
10 days
2 days
1 month full daily relapses Oct 2017
Whenever I relapsed I just do it as much possible times due I am failed lets fail again get pleasure as much as possible
November I decided to go I allowed masturbation but not the porn I was successfully did it edging till day 27 & I hit day 35 with hard mode and shit was happened. On Dec 14 I started hardmode again & joined whatsapp group where only dedicated men were there. I just remember that i am not going relapse today & I check badges regularly to see how many are left to defeat.
Today i am on day 89. I had first wetdream on day 46.that was like a trophy for me. Till now I had 7 I think.

Nofap effects on me
1)I take coldshower twice a day
2)I almost quiting sugar but I relapsed its started once again today
3)more diet control
4)workouts are improved-goal to be achieve one punch man workout
Currently-1)70 pushups 2)60 situps 3)70 squats 4)6 pull ups
5)attitude that is weird- I say that i take control of everything by beating
6)i am being more myself
7)I got gf & I had breakup & learning lot of things about girls behavior
8)Facebook quited since last Feb 4.
9)android games are quited
10)getting intrested in cooking
11)no willingness to top-dog
12)will power improved
13)more easier to quit habits
14)unsubscribed funny contents
15)less nervousness around girls

Fucking lot of things to improve and I will do that
Goal- I will become like saitama & kiyomaro
Powerful & smart


You are my hero brother.
Thanks 4 sharing it.