Day 9 of no pmo

So I started on a no masturbation/orgasm because I left to contract overseas. This is day 9 for me. I noticed that every morning I have strong morning wood that usually last 10 minutes or more depending if I go ahead and get out if bed or at least sit up. Today was the 1st time I didnt have one but I guess that was due to the stressors of having my flight constantly pushed back. I plan on going 6 months or a little bit longer because when I take r&r I’ll be traveling to a few different countries with my wife and well obviously its gonna break. But I have cut out the porn. The only thing I might see is some sexual pictures while scrolling through Instagram and the occasional pic or video of my wife that she sends me or that I have. I was thinking maybe pics and vids of her would be ok?
I honestly started this just to see how long I could go and I wanted to reset my brain because I have porn induced ed. I never knew if the various benefits and people that were doing this. The longest I’ve ever gone was 10 weeks and that was because I was in basic training. The last time I did this was for 3 weeks and that was because I was again in training. This time I hope to go 6 months or more by choice.

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